Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sick x 3 = My House.

Hey everyone. We've been taking turns being sick in my house, starting out with me, then Max. Then my mom went into the hospital. Then Max and I flew out to BC last Wednesday, only to turn around and come home on Saturday when it was clear that a) we weren't going to get to see my mom at all because she was in the hospital, b) Max was sick, disoriented and feeling like 10 pounds of poop in a five pound bag, and c) I was getting sick in a hurry. So, we came home only to find one sick Scott. That makes us one sorry sac of sickies. Boo! Ah well, misery loves company. I just feel bad for Max though, who is experiencing his first cold, and sounds like a little seal when he coughs. Heartbreaking really. I thought I would post some pics from before we all got sick. Much cuter than how we all look currently.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Max and his homey Leith.

Last night Scott, Max, and I went over to our friends' Saeed and Jennifer's house to meet their little dude Leith (pronounced Layth). Also in attendance was our friend Steve (who really really likes babies). There is a joke in there that you will only understand if you know Steve. I took a bunch of pics, but mine weren't as good as Saeed's, so I stole his and the accompanying comments.

"So last night I was hangin' with my homey, Max"
"We talked about sports and politics all evening..."
"...the US involvement in the Muslim world..."
"...and got into a bit of trouble for our differing views."
"So then I told him all about my conquests with the ladies"
"Which for some reason he didn't believe"
"I think maybe he was jealous of my suave demeanor...but he is a ladies man himself"
"Seriously, there were these two chicks checking us out all night..."
"What? These were our moms? Dude, we need to get out more..."