Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Maxwell Hunter: 14 months old.


I can't really call you my dearest baby Max anymore because at some point this month, you turned into a little boy. I still catch a glimpse of my baby now and then, but for the most part, your dad and I just sit and stare in awe at you as you make your wobbly way around the house. That's right - you have officially moved from crawling to walking. Walking is your new toy. All you want to do is walk laps around the house. Every once in a while you take a tumble, but you are right back up and ready to go again. A few days ago you stood up without any help, and you were so proud of yourself I couldn't help but say "yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah Max!". The little baby that would eat anything I put in front of him is no more. You are now very specific about what you will eat. Fruit continues to be a favourite - blueberries, green grapes, bananas and watermelon are usually hits. Vegetables are proving to be a bit more challenging - the only one you really like is sweet potatoes, and only in french fry form. Sometimes you'll eat corn, but your Grandpa Dave tells me that you prefer to drop it down the vent than eat it, so we're taking a break on corn. Chicken nuggets with ketchup, hotdogs, turkey and ham slices are still staples, and I hate to say it but your favourite appears to be alphaghetti. I used to think I wouldn't feed you that stuff, but I now understand what parents go through when their kids won't eat, so I won't judge, I'll join. You have a lot to say Max, and you talk constantly. Usually you say "dadadadadadadada", but with all sorts of different inflections, so you appear to have a lot on your mind. "Mama" and "nana" are also part of your vocabulary and I could have sworn that when I asked you if you wanted a bath the other day you said "yeah". You also like to say "dada-dumdum" which makes me laugh. Not sure what your dad thinks of this, but he appears to be taking it in stride. I usually respond by saying "yes, but he's all we've got". Speaking of baths - this seems to be your favourite pastime. Every night after dinner we give you a bath to clean you up (wow to little boys ever get messy). As your crawl up the stairs you giggle and then once you reach the top you make a break for it. Every few seconds you look back to make sure we are pretend chasing you and you laugh your little head off. Giving you a bath is a joint effort, and once we are done soaping you up, we let you play…and play…and play. I do believe that you would stay in that bath until you shriveled into a prune if we let you. When we take you out, you usually express your unhappiness by kicking your legs and serenading us with a few shrieks. We towel you off, wrestle a diaper on you and get you in your pajamas. Max, you are one strong little dude. I used to think that all babies were as strong as you are, but I have recently seen the light. Not only are you bigger than most kids your age, you are sturdier, and appear to have freakish man strength. Changing your diaper is always an adventure. Getting you dressed is a skill unto itself. Washing your face and your hands after you eat is greeted with grunts and groans. You are absolutely a wee taurus, and it appears that we have passed our own stubborn traits on to you in spades.
Your dad and I agree that our favourite time of the day with you is when you first wake up. When we go in to get you from your crib, you are a bit sleepy and usually a bit grumpy (just like your dad). You cuddle into me and I carry you downstairs and we sit on the couch and watch Blues Clues while you drink your milk. Somewhere in there (while you are still not quite awake), I change your diaper, get you dressed and cuddle you some more. Your dad usually comes and requests some cuddle time as well (I'm not allowed to hog it all for myself!). I think I say this every month, but I feel like you do something new every day. We constantly look at each other and say "did you see that?!". Your toys are newly fascinating to you, you are climbing on everything (I found you sitting in the middle of the coffee table last week), and are about to add running to your skill set (watch out world!). Here's to another month of daily adventures - we can't wait!