Sunday, December 16, 2007

Did I mention I'm pregnant?

We have had a crazy fall, what with raising a toddler, a family health crisis (which has now resolved itself) and moving Max to a new daycare (that's his 3rd since I went back to work in May). Plus we are preparing to welcome baby #2 into the world in early May. Here is an ultrasound pic from last week. We wanted to find out the sex of the baby, but this kid could not have had her/his knees more firmly shut if he/she wanted to. I am now half way - 20 weeks! What a relief. I feel kind of bad about not blogging more about this, seeing as I commented on every twinge I felt when I was preggo with Max...but, well, I just haven't been up to it. This pregnancy has been much tougher than my first - horrible morning sickness, my skin is breaking out like a teenager, and I have been so tired, I swear even my bones are tired at the end of the day. But it will all be worth it come May, and I know that this is it for me, 2 kids and I'm out!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm still here - just pooped!

In case you were wondering...I haven't given up my blog, though not posting for over 3 months isn't a great sign is it? Where have I been? Busy. Working, chasing Max around, more working, more chasing. We're doing fine. Just that life takes over sometimes and it is hard enough to pick up the phone to call your best friend, let alone take the time to write. But I should write more, I've missed it. So, stay tuned, there will be more to come. In the mean time, here
is a pic of the kid. He's huge now. 17 months - running, carrying on, having very strong opinions and feeling free to express them. Sleeping through the night (bless his heart), down to one nap, fully recovered from his surgery in July and ready to conquer the world. He has settled in to a new, improved daycare, and is even sleeping on a cot like the other kids! Still working on the talking, but I think he's on the cusp. With that smile though, who can doubt he'll be a charmer.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Maxwell Hunter: 14 months old.


I can't really call you my dearest baby Max anymore because at some point this month, you turned into a little boy. I still catch a glimpse of my baby now and then, but for the most part, your dad and I just sit and stare in awe at you as you make your wobbly way around the house. That's right - you have officially moved from crawling to walking. Walking is your new toy. All you want to do is walk laps around the house. Every once in a while you take a tumble, but you are right back up and ready to go again. A few days ago you stood up without any help, and you were so proud of yourself I couldn't help but say "yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah Max!". The little baby that would eat anything I put in front of him is no more. You are now very specific about what you will eat. Fruit continues to be a favourite - blueberries, green grapes, bananas and watermelon are usually hits. Vegetables are proving to be a bit more challenging - the only one you really like is sweet potatoes, and only in french fry form. Sometimes you'll eat corn, but your Grandpa Dave tells me that you prefer to drop it down the vent than eat it, so we're taking a break on corn. Chicken nuggets with ketchup, hotdogs, turkey and ham slices are still staples, and I hate to say it but your favourite appears to be alphaghetti. I used to think I wouldn't feed you that stuff, but I now understand what parents go through when their kids won't eat, so I won't judge, I'll join. You have a lot to say Max, and you talk constantly. Usually you say "dadadadadadadada", but with all sorts of different inflections, so you appear to have a lot on your mind. "Mama" and "nana" are also part of your vocabulary and I could have sworn that when I asked you if you wanted a bath the other day you said "yeah". You also like to say "dada-dumdum" which makes me laugh. Not sure what your dad thinks of this, but he appears to be taking it in stride. I usually respond by saying "yes, but he's all we've got". Speaking of baths - this seems to be your favourite pastime. Every night after dinner we give you a bath to clean you up (wow to little boys ever get messy). As your crawl up the stairs you giggle and then once you reach the top you make a break for it. Every few seconds you look back to make sure we are pretend chasing you and you laugh your little head off. Giving you a bath is a joint effort, and once we are done soaping you up, we let you play…and play…and play. I do believe that you would stay in that bath until you shriveled into a prune if we let you. When we take you out, you usually express your unhappiness by kicking your legs and serenading us with a few shrieks. We towel you off, wrestle a diaper on you and get you in your pajamas. Max, you are one strong little dude. I used to think that all babies were as strong as you are, but I have recently seen the light. Not only are you bigger than most kids your age, you are sturdier, and appear to have freakish man strength. Changing your diaper is always an adventure. Getting you dressed is a skill unto itself. Washing your face and your hands after you eat is greeted with grunts and groans. You are absolutely a wee taurus, and it appears that we have passed our own stubborn traits on to you in spades.
Your dad and I agree that our favourite time of the day with you is when you first wake up. When we go in to get you from your crib, you are a bit sleepy and usually a bit grumpy (just like your dad). You cuddle into me and I carry you downstairs and we sit on the couch and watch Blues Clues while you drink your milk. Somewhere in there (while you are still not quite awake), I change your diaper, get you dressed and cuddle you some more. Your dad usually comes and requests some cuddle time as well (I'm not allowed to hog it all for myself!). I think I say this every month, but I feel like you do something new every day. We constantly look at each other and say "did you see that?!". Your toys are newly fascinating to you, you are climbing on everything (I found you sitting in the middle of the coffee table last week), and are about to add running to your skill set (watch out world!). Here's to another month of daily adventures - we can't wait!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Maxwell Hunter: 13 months old.

My deareast (mammoth) baby Max,
Little dude, you are 13 months old today. I know, I can hardly believe it myself. You are a charmer, a handful, a heart breaker, a beast, a lovely little boy, a cuddly baby, and my favourite person on earth. Quite a resume if you think about it. You started daycare on May 1st as I had to go back to work after staying home with you for a whole year. I think you are finding it easier than me (must be all those little girls you get to flirt with all day and yummy homemade Italian food).

Truth be told, I am doing okay at work, but there are points in the day when I miss you terribly. There are also times when I enjoy eating my lunch in peace, talking to your dad during the commute (without having to holler over you), and sitting at my desk just being quiet and by myself. My coworkers aren't nearly as sweet as you, but we won't hold that against them. It is true what they say though, absence does make the heart grow fonder. At the end of the day I can't wait to get home to see you and your smile when you see us come through the door makes my day.

Baby Max, you are one big boy. You weigh almost 25 pounds, and you are wearing size 2T! I haven't had much time to go to the gym lately, but I think I am stronger than ever carrying you around. While I reported that you took your first steps a few days before your first birthday, you quickly decided that crawling was much easier (the path of least resistance I guess?). After taking more than a month off from the walking tip, you seem to be giving it another go. When you think your dad and I aren't watching, you even walk a few steps on your own. The minute you see us you drop to your knees and start crawling again. Whatever kid, we are ON to you!

What else is there to say? You are into EVERYTHING. And by everything I mean that in the last week you have:

- unplugged the fridge
- ripped the handle off the fridge
- cracked the dining room blinds
- pushed your high chair across the first floor
- crawled all the way upstairs the one and only time we left the gate open
- taken your pants off pretty much everyday (pants are overrated, eh?)
- started your day at 5:30am and vetoed your naps (this makes for a long day)

You also love to bang on the toilet seat lid, grab our faces, pinch my arm and belly chub (thanks for that), try to knock our glasses of our faces, and pull yourself up onto the couches. I think you are pretty close to figuring out how to get out of your crib, and your favourite game is to throw water bottles through the cat door (poor Samba!).

Max, you break my heart when you give me hugs and kisses. You also wave goodbye like the queen, say "bah bah" (when you feel like it), and shriek "dadadadadadada" with glee at pretty much every opportunity you get. Blues Clues is still your favourite show - especially the shows with Blue as the puppet. I think your favourite part of the day is bathtime - you would stay in there until you turned into a prune if I let you. When you wake up in the morning, you cry very passionately to get us to come rescue you from your crib, and the minute we open the door you break out into a huge grin.

You are also now fully off the boob and drinking 3 full bottles of milk a day. Weaning you was tough, but we were both ready (mostly me actually, what with all your teeth). As everyone can see from your pictures, you are one healthy boy and you are thriving. In fact, you eat a lot. I sometimes wonder how someone who weighs less than 25 pounds can eat so much. Then I change your diaper (which you hate and make a terrible scene about) and I see that yes, yes, you did actually eat that much.

Your dad and I swear that you look different every morning when you wake up. You are growing a mile a minute, and every day you surprise us with something new. Part of me misses the little baby that you used to be, but I am also loving every minute of you growing into my little boy.


Your Mommy

Monday, April 23, 2007

Maxwell Hunter: 1 Year Old.

My dearest baby Max,

You are one year old today! I don't know where the past year has gone - it has been a blur. Earlier today I was looking back at some pictures of you from the day you were born, and I can hardly believe you are the same baby I brought home from the hospital. Your personality has blossomed and every day you become more awesome.
When we named you Max, we had no idea that this name would be so fitting. You really are "Max" in every way - size (24.5 lbs!), personality, smiles...we could not possibly love you more if we tried. You make us laugh with your passionate laughs and cries. Once you set your mind to something, the world best watch out. Hmmm...I wonder where you get that from?

You took your first steps on April 20th. Since I had gone to bed and you were up partying with your dad, I missed them. Seems a bit unfair to me since I have been here to do most of the heavy lifting with you, but you made up for it the next day by showing me your new moves. Crawling still seems to be your favourite mode of travel, but I have no doubt that you will be running around within weeks.

Your favourite word is "booby" (this brings a big smile to your face). I am working on weaning you because I am going back to work on May 1st. Also, you have eight teeth little dude (ouch!). You don't think much of being weaned. I don't think much of being bitten. Truth be told, I was ready to call it quits today but your Grandma intervened on your behalf (you can thank her later for that).

In your first year on this planet, you have taken 10 airplane rides and you are quite a good little traveler. You tend to charm everyone around you, which is good because it makes life easier at customs. I have taken you all over this continent because you are a popular little guy. I think family invites me places just because they know that is the only way they get to see you and your toothy grin.

I don't think there is a more loved baby out there than you Max. I can't even remember what life was like before you joined our family. You truly are the apple of my eye and I can't wait to see what this next year brings.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

99 Problems, But Being Overweight Ain't One

My weight as of this morning was 152 pounds. That's 20 pounds total. Not bad, eh?

For some reason, of all the weigh-ins I've put myself through, this latest one was the most rewarding. The first 10 pounds felt good, and 15 was great. But 20? Twenty was a call for celebration. Twenty pounds was a phone call to my husband, mother and best friend. It was a high-five with my wonderful trainer, Paul. It was a brand new pink purse (a reward from me to me).


Sunday, April 01, 2007

How to Lose Weight While On Vacation

After a week in Key West, I was 100% sure that I had gained at least two pounds. Or maybe even three. I even started to think of excuses to tell Paul about why I had gone south for the week (literally).

First off, we had a terrific time this past week. We weren’t quite sure what to expect from Max, but all things considered, he did really well - except that he was afraid of the pool and didn’t like the sand. What he did enjoy was pretty much only wearing a diaper all week, dining on chicken wings and french fries, and climbing the non-baby-gated stairs every chance he got.


Like Father Like Son.

I suspect that chicken wings are not on the menu for babies under one year. Regardless, Max loves chicken wings. Specifically BBQ ones.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Weight Loss Challenge Check-in

If you want to see me in action, my workout video from Week 4 is now up on Kathy Smith better watch out, because I'm a natural! Seriously though, boy does that camera ever add 10 pounds. Ouch! At least my hair looks good.

Check it out...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Success is Sweet

A few months ago I set a goal of hitting 155 pounds by the time I left for my vacation in Key West. Well, it looks like with the help of my fearless Personal Trainer Paul McQuade, I have succeeded.

On Tuesday night I arrived at the gym feeling a bit nervous. Tonight was the night that Paul would take my measurements for my Week 8 check-in. As you may recall, I had a lot of success in my first four weeks of the challenge. I knew there was no way I could match that, but I hoped I was close to the goal I set for Key West.


Friday, March 16, 2007

Hurricane Katrina on Hormones

This past week I have been on an emotional rollercoaster. I have felt like crying every day, and I have been grumpy and bitchy. What's the problem you ask? I have no idea.

Well, I may have an idea. I think that this may be PMS rearing its ugly head for the first time since the summer of 2005. For those of you who slept through your sex-ed classes, one of the many benefits of breastfeeding is that you don't get your period. (I think that I may have embarrassed Paul just a little when I passed on this tidbit of information.)


Monday, March 12, 2007

Mommy vs. Career Woman – Can I Have it All?

After working my butt off (literally) for the past seven weeks to get in shape, not only has my thinking towards my physical health changed, but the way I view my emotional health has changed as well.

The day Max was born, I couldn’t imagine ever being away from him, not even for one minute. Now that he is 10 months old, I am definitely more comfortable being away from him for a few hours. In fact, I would leave him for longer, except for the fact that I am breastfeeding so that makes it difficult. But the thought of putting him in daycare when I go back to work makes me sick to my stomach.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Saying Goodbye to the 160's.

This week has been full of frustrations. Going on almost no sleep due to a teething baby, feeling like my belly flab will never go away, and missing a workout with Paul because of a snow storm did not help. Imagine my surprise when I got the good news.

I woke up at 6am today for my Saturday morning workout. Since my lovely, wonderful, sweet, beautiful son got up every two hours the night before, you can imagine I was feeling less than chipper. As per my usual Saturday morning routine, I groggily stepped on my bathroom scale so I could report back to Paul what my progress was. I rubbed my eyes and looked down at the number staring back at me. 159.9. Yes, that's right – 159.9. Not 160, 159.9. You are probably thinking, that's only 1/10th of a pound difference, what's the big deal? Why don't you just round up? Well let me tell you, it is a very big deal.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 8: Season Premiere

I’m not going to lie, I shrieked with glee when I heard that America’s Next Top Model was starting up again this week. I’m not sure what I love more, seeing Tyra Banks dress up like a drag queen or laughing at pretty girls crying, but this show makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I love the smell of hair and makeup in the morning

The always ridiculous Miss J and the lovely Jay Manuel (Canadian!) enter the show in a Jeep sporting army fatigues. Love it. Apparently they are breaking these want-to-be models in with a little boot camp. I immediately start looking for the token fat chick (sorry, plus size model). The girls are dressed in white tank tops, capris, and high heeled black boots. Completely ridiculous, but totally funny to see them trying to march in 3 inch heels. I spot the “fatties” - Whitney and Diana, both gorgeous, both 21.

Enter Tyra, step dancing a la American colleges in the South. I’m not going to lie; her dancing reminds me of Beyonce (meaning, no grace, no rhythm, no time). She’s an altogether hot mess. Also, it is no wonder she is showing some love to the plus size girls, Tyra is moving in that direction herself. Lay off the cheeseburgers girl!

The show quickly moves to the model intros. Not everyone gets featured. Apparently there are 20 girls here, but I only count 18 getting highlighted. They make the cut in the usual brutal fashion by releasing the girls into a room where they either have an invite with their picture on it to a fashion party or they don’t. Tears of joy and sadness ensue as the girls lose their minds for the first of many times. I sip my wine and smirk, thinking, it really is too bad that the girl with over 20 tattoos got the boot, that would have been fun.

Kathleen, 20 – all about the bod and afro, but dumb as a rock

Sarah, 20 – smart, photographer, blondie, super confident

Cassandra, 24 – looks like Wonder Woman threw up all over her, long face, bad weave! Amazing body!

Brittany, 21, loud talker, potentially deaf girl

Natasha, 21 – Mail order Russian bride living in Texas, married to a 40 year old (wow!) She has quite an ego on her, and not making a lot of friends. I think the girls pretty much despise her

Samantha, 19 – Southern girl with crazy eyebrows and a missing tooth (hawt!). Smacks of hillbilly

Dionne, 20 – loves modeling and denistry (odd?), could talk the paint off a barn and looks a bit like Tamia

Jaslene, 20 – repeat from ANTM 7, Latina with personality, likes to thank the lord a lot

Renee, 20 – married with a 7 month old son, very determined, cries easily, self-proclaimed catty girl, looks a bit like Christina Applegate’s little sister, very critical of everyone

Whitney, 21 – plus size girl #1, looks AWESOME in a bikini, likes to thank Jesus for her success

Jael, 21 – bad hair, big cry baby, background is ½ black ½ German, shows up to the first panel in a red tutu and pink tank top, gotta love her for that

Diana, 21 – plus size model #2 – wants to be first plus size model to win ANTM – dad is a big jerk for making her feel bad about gaining weight and she does not look nearly as good in a bikini as Whitney

Felicia, 19 – bad drawn in eyebrows – nickname is “baby Tyra” (she wishes!), also one who likes to thank Jesus

1st Photo Shoot with Nigel (Hawtness) Barker: “Make a Statement”
The girls are given a different political statement to make in each of their photos.

Kathleen – anti-fur
Brittany – pro-fur
Nathasha – pro-choice
Jael – pro-life
Sarah – life in prison
Jaslene – pro-death penalty
Felicia – straight marriage
Whit/Sam – gay marriage
Dionne – vegan
Cassandra – meat eater
Renee – anti-gun
Diana – pro-gun

Best line of the night:
“We open up the doors and it’s like freakin’ heaven!” (Kathleen describing the white stretch Hummer limo that arrives to drive the girls to their house)

1st Challenge: One Woman’s Trash is another Woman’s treasure

The girls are brought to a Goodwill store where Phillip Bloch, stylist to the stars, appears and gives them three minutes to pick out an outfit to model. Then they have to walk a runway where their outfits will be auctioned off. The outfit that gets the most money wins.

Jael’s outfit wins and then snobby Renee criticizes her because she thinks Jael has an unfair advantage because she clearly shops at thrift stores all the time. HAHAHA! These girls were best friends just hours ago. Later, Renee takes her aside and has a heart-to-heart with her. Jael decides she is way too much work and ditches her. Likely a good decision on Jael’s part.

1st Panel: Tyra, Nigel, Miss J, and Twiggi

Tyra looks like she is auditioning for Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, if she puts one more coat of mascara on her fake eyelashes I fear she will need 2x4’s to hold her eyes open.

The judges go to town, critiquing the girls up and down:

Jael – face was flat in the picture, she made excuses about feeling sick, but she has an exotic look
Natasha – boring pic with no expression, blends into the wall behind her
Dionne – pretty face, but no neck in the photo and her jaw looks big
Cassandra – clearly likes meat, but not a pretty picture and does not look like a model
Renee – for all her bitchiness, she looks scared, timid, and nervous, with no photographic savvy
Diane – no movement in her pic, weak in the eyes, deadpan expression
Kathleen – bland expression, this girl is dumb as a stone, a little slow, clueless, and to quote Miss J, a “straight up Brooklyn hoochie”
Brittany – strong photograph, striking
Samantha – great jaw and neck line
Whitney – nice photo, but needed to find a way to show off body more with angles
Felicia – looks like she could be in Bridal magazine, beautiful bone structure
Jasleen – strong photograph, great eyes, fierce and scary looking
Sarah – blah photo with no expression, though she has a lot of potential

The Deliberation:
I’m hoping they send Kathleen home. She is unapologetically ignorant. I am rooting for Jasleen, Sarah and Whitney, in no particular order.

Return to the house, pack your belongings and go home!:
Kathleen – see ya!