gumdrops + unicorns

Things I do to cheer myself up when I get down:

look at: 
pics of Max and Cameron on the day they were born
my wedding pics (we look so well rested and skinny!)
quilting magazines in bookstores (they are big $$ and that way you don't have to buy 'em)
kids dvds in the local rental store with Cameron (she pics movies based on what animal is on the cover)
best buy and future shop flyers, and the ikea catalogue when it first comes out

degrassi junior high
cake boss
so you think you can dance (canadians duet better)
cinderella (with Cameron for the 876th time)

listen to:
really bad pop music (I'm looking at you britney)
music my friends have made (many of my friends are incredible professional musicians)
Max sing and talk

starbucks vanilla lactose free latte (no foam)
oyster bay sauvignon blanc
with my friend Christine

dq skor blizzard (though the after effects are so not worth it)
one of Scott's perfectly grilled steaks
dark chocolate (those new dove bars are pretty good)
anything Jennifer makes, bakes or cooks

a date night with Scott
the next great house project (stripping/sanding/painting the kitchen cupboards? oh yeah!)

Scott to show me a funny video on youtube (he always has one at the ready) and this one.
Max if he wants to go to the store with me (his face lights up and he runs to the door to put his shoes on)
Cameron for a kiss

on my treadmill (aka "the death star")
in the backyard after Max

Thanks to Big Daddy for the "gum drops and unicorns" reference.