Monday, December 04, 2006

Maxzilla laughs. Maxzilla bounces.

Earlier today:

Last night: (a much improved performance from his previous jolly jumper video)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Maxwell Hunter: 7 months old.

My dearest baby Max,

I'm over a week late with your 7 month entry, but dude, it's because you are keeping me REALLY busy. This past month, you have turned into Mr.Personality Plus. Your smiles are brighter, you have a mischievous glimmer in your eyes, and your little bottom teeth continue to sprout. Sometimes you bite me when I am feeding you, and I take you off the boob when you do this. We both have a little cry, and when I put you back on, I say "gentle" and you are very tentative, which makes me laugh. It's nice to know you understand what the word gentle means. You have also found your voice, and kid, you got some pipes on you. Also, you aren't shy about sharing your displeasure with me. Good thing I wear earplugs all day, or else I'd lose my hearing for all your high pitched squealing and caterwailing. I'm kidding by the way...about the earplugs (though sometimes I am tempted).
We have continued on the journey of solid foods. Added to the repertoire were apricots, prunes & pears, peaches, plums, chicken (stinky!), peas and bananas. You looked at me like I was trying to poison you when I gave you both peas and bananas. I haven't revisited the bananas, but I trick you with the peas by mixing them with carrots. One of your favourite things to do is buzz your lips like a motorboat during mealtime...this makes things very messy - you find this to be hilarious. You seem to really like your fruit, which is awesome. I'll keep working on the vegetables. You also tried a cheerio when your BGF Maya handed you one last week. You weren't too sure what to think about it, but you did keep it in your mouth and I think it eventually dissolved. I suspect you didn't like it, but you were too proud to spit it out in front of Maya and I don't blame you as she's pretty cute.
You are making great strides with the crawling, though you are still working on moving forward. I am pretty sure you will have it mastered by Christmas. You can hold a plank position for over a minute (my pilates instructor would be proud). Once you figure out how to move your arms without falling on your head, there will be no stopping you. I think you get a bit frustrated when you see Maya motoring around. She'll be coming to hang out with us every day starting in January, so I hope you have it all sorted out by then or she will leave you in her dust.
Bathtime is become more fun as you are now sitting up in the bath. We have given you some bath toys to play with, but you seem to think the best thing to do is splash your mom and dad. I hope you continue to be a good sport about bathes (some kids don't like them). You are so big and squirmy now it takes two of us to get you in and out of the tub.

On Friday you did something you had never done before. When I came to pick you up, you reached out for me, and then my heart melted. I immediately called your dad and told him. Being a mom can be hard work and it is these little things that keep me going when I am tired and worn out. Your sleep is starting to get better, but we still aren't quite there yet. This past week you have been going to bed around 8pm and staying asleep for anywhere between 6 and 8 hours. Then you wake up for a snack and sleep for a few more hours. This is definite progress, and I am looking forward to even more progress in the weeks to come (hint hint).
In a few weeks you will take your second plane ride as we head back out to BC for Christmas. Your Grandma and your Grandad are very excited to see you again as our last trip got cut short. Since this is your first Christmas, you will probably get spoiled, but I have a feeling you will be more interested in the wrapping paper than the actual presents. I can't wait to see your face when you see the Christmas tree for the first time. We'll have to make sure we have the camera at the ready.

I feel like every day you are doing something new and you are growing and changing right before my eyes. I am so excited to see what the coming months will bring. Every day with you is an adventure.


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