Tuesday, August 20, 2013

an open letter to "one pissed off mother".

Karla Begley is a woman with multiple sclerosis who has a 13-year-old son named Maxwell who has autism. She often brings Maxwell to her mother's house in Newcastle, Ontario for sleepovers because Karla needs help taking care of him and because he loves watching the movie "Grease" with his grandmother. Recently, Maxwell's grandmother received this hateful letter in the mail explaining in great detail why Maxwell isn't welcome in that neighbourhood.

The letter-writer -- who signed the missive as "One pissed off mother" -- was brazen enough to suggest that Maxwell should be euthanized, but lacked the courage to state her real name. I have never lacked the courage to put my name behind anything I write or say, and that will not change in this hypothetical response if I was mailed this letter about my seven-year-old son with autism -- who is coincidentally also named Maxwell.

Dear “One pissed off mother”,

Your letter has left me feeling terribly sad. Not for me, or for my son Maxwell -- that’s his name by the way, not “retard” or “wild animal kid” -- but for you. In reality, I will never share your thoughts with my son, because he is a happy child who brings an incredible amount of joy to those who know him. And while your words were very hurtful to read, the support I receive from my family, friends, and my more understanding neighbours lifts me up on a daily basis and outweighs anything you could ever say to me.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

a night of music and magic at toronto's molson canadian amphitheatre.

As moms we’ve all encountered this — that feeling like we might explode if we don’t get away from our children. At least, I’m assuming that’s the case (please tell me I’m not alone in this). After a particularly stressful few weeks with my crew, I was ready for a night out, so getting invited by a friend to join him at a John Mayer concert was just what I needed to relax and recharge.

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what women need to know about lisa gibson and post-partum depression.

This past week, news of two young children dying in their Winnipeg home and the subsequent disappearance of their mother, Lisa Gibson, left many wondering what terrible thing had happened to lead to such a sad end to two innocent lives.

Even more of a mystery -- what happened to their mother?

the art of the 24-hour vacation.

Remember back in the day – before you had kids – when you could go away for a week or two, and all you had to worry about was finding someone to water your plants and feed your cat? Those days are a distant memory for parents. Going away without your children for any stretch of time is a challenge. For those of us with a child with special needs, it is nearly impossible. This is where the art of the 24-hour vacation comes in.

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