Sunday, January 31, 2010

Live Blog: 2010 Grammys.

  • 8:50 PM: FickleFeline Are you ready? The celebs are sitting their asses down for the big show. So go to the bathroom, get your snacks and tune in.

  • 8:53 PM: FickleFeline Awh, what a difference a year makes...there is Rihanna, looking fab. Not performing, but if I were her...well, if I were her, I'd be naked in the frozen food section of my grocery store...

  • 8:55 PM: FickleFeline I think there are more tv and movie stars than musicians on the red carpet..and use the term "musicians" loosely.

  • 9:00 PM: FickleFeline I wonder how long we have to wait for the old guy that comes out every year to shake his finger at the television audience and inform us all that illegal downloading is killing the music industry. I'm guessing sometime in hour 2...

  • 9:01 PM: FickleFeline Lady Gaga = the new Madonna? I don't entirely understand her. But I think she has a wonderful collection of eyewear.

  • 9:02 PM: FickleFeline lol - she can barely move in those ridiculous shoes.

  • 9:04 PM: FickleFeline elton john? wow. And someone rubbed her down in dirt. I can't decide who has better sunglasses, Lady Gaga or Elton?

  • 9:05 PM: FickleFeline Her parents must be so proud. All those piano lessons paid off. And now she is coverd in soot and sequins and wearing black lipstick on a world stage!

  • 9:08 PM: FickleFeline 52nd annual grammy awards...who knew. Colbert says hello to Taylor Swift and Jay-z, who is chewing his gum like a cow chewing cudd.

  • 9:09 PM: FickleFeline Colbert isn't doing it for me...not funny.

  • 9:11 PM: FickleFeline Cheap shot at Susan Boyle. I dunno if I'm okay with that. She SHOULD be there.

  • 9:12 PM: FickleFeline Song of the year - lol - on Colbert's iPad! HAH. I home Beyonce wins for Put a Ring On It.

  • 9:13 PM: FickleFeline Yay Beyonce! (Note to self, download off itunes...)

  • 9:14 PM: FickleFeline WHAT? Beyonce can't hussle her ass on stage to pick up her Grammy? That's BIG time. And they are getting played out. That's 1 play out. Let's start counting the # of people who get screwed out of saying thank you to Jesus.

  • 9:14 PM: designmojo Jlo looks like a dude

  • 9:14 PM: designmojo As kooky as gaga is, she does have a great singing voice

  • 9:14 PM: Stephanie I can't believe Elton John let someone rub soot all over him!

  • 9:14 PM: designmojo She's a monster!!

  • 9:14 PM: Stephanie She perplexes me.

  • 9:14 PM: FickleFeline Jlo does look like a dude.

  • 9:15 PM: FickleFeline Who is this singer? And why do I care about her.

  • 9:16 PM: FickleFeline omg...big choir! It wouldn't be an awards show if there wasn't a choir. Poor Green Day. I bet they hate themselves a little bit.

  • 9:17 PM: Stephanie Are they not doing intros to the music? I feel like nothing makes sense. Who are the chicks singing with Green Day and who are the random people raising their fists in the air behind them?

  • 9:17 PM: FickleFeline LOVE the fake mosh pit in front of the stage. I bet those kids had to win a contest or something...

  • 9:18 PM: FickleFeline I think they are in some musical...or maybe they are Haitian orphans (too soon?)

  • 9:18 PM: designmojo Is this the cast of glee? If not, this doesn't make sense

  • 9:18 PM: FickleFeline It is NOT Glee...they are better than this. This is super lame.

  • 9:19 PM: Stephanie I have ADD. I'm bored already.

  • 9:19 PM: FickleFeline Billy Joe just lost some of his hotness factor.

  • 9:19 PM: FickleFeline Beyonce is going to perform. THEN the award for best country album. Gotta go find my shit kickers...

  • 9:20 PM: designmojo Choir practice is the new punk

  • 9:21 PM: FickleFeline I only wish it had been that cool when I was in high school. Man, imagine the dates I would have gotten...

  • 9:22 PM: FickleFeline I'm going to need a stiff drink to make it through this show. Thinking rye and coke might do the trick.

  • 9:22 PM: Stephanie Good thing choir wasn't the new punk when I was in school. I sing like a small animal being tortured.

  • 9:23 PM: FickleFeline As long as you sing with joy in your heart, that is all that matters ;-)

  • 9:24 PM: Stephanie There is rarely joy ANYWHERE when I sing!!

  • 9:24 PM: FickleFeline Most of these "singers" are fairly limited in their vocal talent I suspect. But they have the look...which is super important to me when I'm listening to music.

  • 9:24 PM: Stephanie Holy Star Trek dress on Kristen Bell.

  • 9:24 PM: FickleFeline Bon Jovi?? Where is my lighter?

  • 9:25 PM: FickleFeline What's up with Kristen Bell's hair? Looks like she hasn't washed it in 3 days. Trust me, I'm familiar with this look...

  • 9:25 PM: designmojo I heart Taylor swift

  • 9:25 PM: FickleFeline I don't know any of these country songs. I am clearly not the target market.

  • 9:26 PM: FickleFeline Chris, you are a dog and she is a child.

  • 9:27 PM: Stephanie Love the blue colour on her but she needs to improve her posture. It makes the back of her dress look odd.

  • 9:27 PM: FickleFeline She won 2 earlier...glad Taylor clarified that this is the 1st time she has accepted an award on NATIONAL television. Got news for you kid, it's a little more than national tv. And the star of some tv show is coming up to present...

  • 9:28 PM: FickleFeline BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 9:28 PM: FickleFeline omg - this is like rhythm nation 2010.

  • 9:29 PM: Stephanie She looks scary fierce. Like actually a bit scary.

  • 9:29 PM: FickleFeline She just grabbed her crotch! Wonderful.

  • 9:30 PM: FickleFeline I wonder how much makeup she is wearing to make her nose look like that?

  • 9:30 PM: designmojo beyonce sings a little too hard. Sounds like her vocal chords are going to burst

  • 9:31 PM: FickleFeline I would like to see that. High entertainment value. I wonder if Jay-z would run up on the stage and grab the mic and start rapping...

  • 9:31 PM: FickleFeline I hope she's wearing booty shorts under that dress! omg - she is covering ALANIS!

  • 9:32 PM: Stephanie Um... WTF? Alanis, really?

  • 9:32 PM: designmojo She's going to do a Huey Lewis cover next

  • 9:32 PM: Moustachio I thought I saw lady gaga dressed in that at pride once

  • 9:33 PM: FickleFeline Hah! I like the idea of Beyonce wearing Lady Gaga's hand-me-downs!

  • 9:33 PM: FickleFeline I just wanted to hear that Put A Ring on It song... sad face.

  • 9:33 PM: Stephanie Holy hannah hair flipping!

  • 9:34 PM: FickleFeline I think I need a wind machine and really good lighting in my life. It would improve my appearance and also be a lot of fun.

  • 9:35 PM: FickleFeline Seal (hawt) and upside down Pink and Miley. And Slash and t-pain and Jamie Fox. So, you know, don't tune out.

  • 9:37 PM: FickleFeline bathroom break!! brb

  • 9:41 PM: FickleFeline wait - did I miss something ? I thought she was going to be upside down.

  • 9:41 PM: Stephanie Again, I'm confused. Is that brief mention by Seal all Leonard Cohen gets?

  • 9:42 PM: designmojo Boring song pink. NEXT!

  • 9:42 PM: FickleFeline And is pink making a statement with this dress? I think it would be much more effective if she wore Hijab.

  • 9:42 PM: designmojo Whoa now she's naked. Ok fine

  • 9:43 PM: Stephanie I think her new ensemble just un-bored me.

  • 9:43 PM: FickleFeline Whoops...looks like she just took her clothes off. And down she is swinging in a big hankerchief.

  • 9:43 PM: FickleFeline I imagine she is lip syncing at this point. This swinging around is a bit gratuitous imo.

  • 9:44 PM: Stephanie Naked and wet... I'm at a loss.

  • 9:44 PM: designmojo How artsy Fartsy is this Swinging thingamajig

  • 9:44 PM: FickleFeline damn, those upside down backup trapeze artists are super talented. I wish I could do that upside down splits thing...while covered in gold.

  • 9:44 PM: FickleFeline Wait, she's dripping water now? Wha happened?

  • 9:45 PM: FickleFeline Pink has a fantastic ass.

  • 9:45 PM: designmojo I'm sure the audience appreciates the shower

  • 9:45 PM: FickleFeline Standing O! My goodness. Even Santana got up!

  • 9:46 PM: Stephanie That is a very shiny suit, Keith Urban.

  • 9:46 PM: FickleFeline Keith sounds like he has a bit of an Aussie accent...

  • 9:46 PM: designmojo on a side note, Raptors win!!! ;)

  • 9:47 PM: FickleFeline Hah. Scott is asleep on the couch downstairs! Game taped...don't tell anyone.

  • 9:47 PM: FickleFeline I don't know any of these bands...I feel soooooooooooooo old. The Ting Tings?

  • 9:47 PM: Stephanie He is Australian, noÉ

  • 9:47 PM: FickleFeline Or maybe I just don't like country

  • 9:48 PM: FickleFeline No, he's american! Married to Nicole Kidman.

  • 9:48 PM: Stephanie That was supposed to be a ?

  • 9:48 PM: Stephanie No, no. He's Aussie too. I think.

  • 9:48 PM: FickleFeline dunno... I am confused...

  • 9:49 PM: designmojo Kieth is filipino

  • 9:49 PM: Stephanie Born in NZ raised in AU. I Googled himn ;)

  • 9:49 PM: FickleFeline

  • 9:49 PM: Stephanie Sorry baby helping me type.

  • 9:50 PM: FickleFeline you learn something new every day!

  • 9:50 PM: FickleFeline I hope I promptly forget that...

  • 9:50 PM: FickleFeline Chris, we are all filipino at heart.

  • 9:52 PM: FickleFeline Too bad we are getting the boring Canadian commercials. I imagine there are some good ones in the US!

  • 9:53 PM: Stephanie While watching Superbowl can we egg the TV during the anti-choice commercials?

  • 9:54 PM: FickleFeline We can symbolically egg the tv, yes.

  • 9:54 PM: FickleFeline Miley's voice makes me want to cut my ears off.

  • 9:55 PM: FickleFeline The Black Eyed Peas...remember when they worked with Estero and had some cred?

  • 9:55 PM: Stephanie But, dare I say, she looks rather cute and age appropriate?

  • 9:55 PM: FickleFeline Is that Richard Simmons dancing in the background?

  • 9:56 PM: FickleFeline I'm a be. I'm a be.

  • 9:57 PM: FickleFeline I think the drummer is that 3 year old kid I saw on youtube last week:

  • 9:59 PM: FickleFeline I got a feeling...that we all hope this shit ends soon.

  • 9:59 PM: FickleFeline Costume designers for the Grammys really went all out with those robot costumes.

  • 10:00 PM: FickleFeline Those fools will stand for ANYTHING. Oooo....Jonas Brothers!!

  • 10:00 PM: Deaignmojo Those low rent transformers are funny lookin

  • 10:01 PM: FickleFeline I think they should call the Grammys the "Entertainer" awards. The musicians on the stage are few and far between.

  • 10:03 PM: FickleFeline But the Jonas Brothers ARE kind of cute, if we're being honest.

  • 10:04 PM: FickleFeline Michael Jackson tribute...that should be interesting. Not sure what Carrie Underwood has to offer...

  • 10:04 PM: Stephanie I may never look at you the same again.

  • 10:05 PM: FickleFeline Hey, that's ok. I only really like the one in the middle.

  • 10:05 PM: FickleFeline I'm into virgins (lol).

  • 10:05 PM: FickleFeline Yet another group I have never heard of. I am old.

  • 10:05 PM: Stephanie Although you are a woman who finds JT hot so what should I expect? ;|)

  • 10:05 PM: FickleFeline Oh wait, they are country.

  • 10:06 PM: FickleFeline DO NOT SPEAK ILL OF JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. He is sex on a stick.

  • 10:06 PM: FickleFeline This group is lame sauce.

  • 10:07 PM: Stephanie yawn....

  • 10:07 PM: FickleFeline I guess there are a lot of people out there who dig country music. Huh.

  • 10:08 PM: FickleFeline I said I wouldn't call, but I'm a little drunk, and I need you now. LMAO.

  • 10:08 PM: FickleFeline Well, country songs are honest, if nothing else.

  • 10:09 PM: FickleFeline best comedy album! Yay! Something I could use in my life.

  • 10:10 PM: FickleFeline I hope Patton Oswalt wins.

  • 10:10 PM: Stephanie The fix was in on that one.

  • 10:11 PM: FickleFeline For sure. But Patton is way funnier. I'm glad that Colbert thanked Jesus. Very appropriate.

  • 10:11 PM: FickleFeline 2nd person to get played off! OUCH!

  • 10:12 PM: FickleFeline Ringo and Norah Jones? Can you even imagine if they performed instead of presenting? she'd be all "hey Ringo, you play drums about as good as that chick in the White Stripes"

  • 10:13 PM: Deaignmojo LOVE Spinal Tap!!!!!

  • 10:13 PM: FickleFeline I good.

  • 10:14 PM: Deaignmojo LOVE Norah even more!! Gosh

  • 10:14 PM: FickleFeline She's pretty cute, and talented.

  • 10:15 PM: Deaignmojo She's in my top 5 ;)

  • 10:15 PM: FickleFeline Wow, that's pretty must really like her! Is it the voice?

  • 10:16 PM: FickleFeline it going to be a Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift & Beyonce night? And where is Kanye?

  • 10:17 PM: Stephanie Who votes for the Grammy's anyway?

  • 10:17 PM: Deaignmojo She's pretty much got it all. I think anyway

  • 10:17 PM: FickleFeline I think the members of the blahblahblah.

  • 10:18 PM: FickleFeline Norah's hair is not good. It confuses and concerns me.

  • 10:18 PM: FickleFeline Umm...I don't have any of the records of the year. Not even Beyonce.

  • 10:18 PM: Deaignmojo How dare u! Haha

  • 10:18 PM: Deaignmojo Nobody will top beyonce. She's taking the big prize

  • 10:19 PM: FickleFeline Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Kings of Leon? Beyonce just spit on Jay-z's shoe.

  • 10:20 PM: Stephanie Still confused.

  • 10:20 PM: FickleFeline Robert Downey Jr...he is a bit sexy.

  • 10:21 PM: FickleFeline The Royal Grammaphonic Society...maybe that is who votes!

  • 10:21 PM: FickleFeline oh my. Now even opera is taking a hit. That intro made zero sense. This is a circus.

  • 10:22 PM: FickleFeline But, I am happy to admit, I have "Blame it on the alcohol" downloaded. Class act, I know. I heart Jamie Fox.

  • 10:22 PM: FickleFeline LIVE AUTOTUNE. Wow. I just died a little bit inside.

  • 10:23 PM: Deaignmojo Jamie is clearly not singing. Lovely.

  • 10:23 PM: Stephanie The Crazy Hair Pea is lovin' it.

  • 10:23 PM: FickleFeline t-pain and Jamie sound exactly the same. Also, I need to buy my husband a white suit.

  • 10:23 PM: Stephanie Jay-Z looks like he wants to like it but isn't quite sure.

  • 10:24 PM: FickleFeline I happen to love the line "my seat's all wet in my ride"

  • 10:24 PM: Stephanie Dude, Scott dancing like a maniac in a white suit would be beyond awesome. For realz.

  • 10:24 PM: FickleFeline Maybe we can get him to put on a half time show for us next week...

  • 10:24 PM: FickleFeline uh oh, there is a really large woman on the stage and slash just came out.

  • 10:25 PM: Deaignmojo WTF is going on?!

  • 10:25 PM: Stephanie Nice to see that Slash put on the "good" leather pants for the occasion.

  • 10:25 PM: FickleFeline My head is going to explode. They are going to sample Carmina Burana any minute, I just know it.

  • 10:26 PM: FickleFeline I think Slash and Jamie should kiss now.

  • 10:26 PM: FickleFeline JUSTIN BIEBERS!

  • 10:26 PM: Stephanie Don't go there, cougar!

  • 10:26 PM: FickleFeline omg, he just mixed up Beyonce and Bon Jovi. Lol. I hope they play Living On a Prayer!

  • 10:26 PM: Stephanie Kidding ;)

  • 10:27 PM: Deaignmojo I don't like this Kisha character. I don't know why

  • 10:27 PM: Stephanie My vote is definitely for Living on a Prayer.

  • 10:27 PM: FickleFeline Hey, I have my lighter ready.

  • 10:28 PM: Deaignmojo +1 living on a prayer

  • 10:28 PM: FickleFeline Kisha...what is her deal? Did I mention I'm old?

  • 10:28 PM: FickleFeline we should probably go vote, right?

  • 10:30 PM: Stephanie Kisha... I refuse to do the dollar sign in her name. She always looks totally hammered or completely disinterested. I don't get it. We must be too old.

  • 10:30 PM: FickleFeline I think we are. It's ok. It was bound to happen.

  • 10:31 PM: Deaignmojo Her song is such a terrible gaga rip! #haterade

  • 10:32 PM: FickleFeline Katie Perry and Alice Cooper? omg...

  • 10:32 PM: FickleFeline maybe they will snack on some doves.

  • 10:32 PM: FickleFeline okay, I know all the rock groups...this is good...

  • 10:33 PM: Stephanie I'm not sure Dave Matthews qualifies as rock.

  • 10:33 PM: FickleFeline Ok, confession, I have a wee bit of a crush on the lead singer of Green Day.

  • 10:34 PM: FickleFeline Makes me laugh that they all have kids now.

  • 10:34 PM: Deaignmojo all old dudes and green day - wonder who will win this one!

  • 10:34 PM: Stephanie Chris O'Donnell was my childhood crush.


  • 10:34 PM: FickleFeline really Stephanie? I was Tom Cruise all the way.

  • 10:35 PM: FickleFeline best new artist...the curse.

  • 10:35 PM: FickleFeline why have I never heard of the zach brown band?

  • 10:35 PM: Stephanie Well, my first crush was George Michael. The first in a long line of gay loves.

  • 10:35 PM: FickleFeline Stephanie, I have loved many a gay man.

  • 10:36 PM: FickleFeline This year is all about mixing super old farts with the young kids. Where did they dig this guy up from ?

  • 10:37 PM: FickleFeline And I have never heard of the great leon russell either.

  • 10:37 PM: FickleFeline He looks like Willie Nelson's grandpa.

  • 10:38 PM: FickleFeline oh wait, I know why I don't know these guys - COUNTRY.

  • 10:38 PM: Deaignmojo He was the Justin bieber of the 1500's

  • 10:39 PM: FickleFeline if only they had youtube back then. We could have seen him in his prime!

  • 10:39 PM: FickleFeline i luvs me a good fiddle player. YEE HAW

  • 10:39 PM: Stephanie I haven't got a hot clue who the Zach Brown Band is either. These days I pick up US Weekly and repeatedly ask myself why I waste money reading about people I've never even heard of. Geezers, I tell ya.

  • 10:40 PM: FickleFeline You waste money because they are pretty to look at.

  • 10:40 PM: Stephanie I bet he was hotter than Tom Cruise. LOL.

  • 10:40 PM: FickleFeline don't be dissing Tommy in his prime.

  • 10:40 PM: FickleFeline Taylor is performing next. Who's on Kanye?

  • 10:42 PM: Stephanie Is he even there? If he is he's probably chained to his seat.

  • 10:43 PM: FickleFeline maybe they'll zoom in on him for a laugh

  • 10:44 PM: FickleFeline What was the Taylor Swift equivalent for us?

  • 10:45 PM: Stephanie Debbie Gibson?

  • 10:45 PM: FickleFeline Yeah, probably. But I wasn't that into her...

  • 10:45 PM: FickleFeline and btw, that makes me feel really effin' old.

  • 10:45 PM: Stephanie Me neither. Mind you, who would admit it?

  • 10:46 PM: FickleFeline Taylor's guitar is pretty.

  • 10:47 PM: FickleFeline i wore a dress, you wore a dark grey t-shirt, you told me I was pretty...

  • 10:47 PM: FickleFeline yeah Ryan Seacrest, those are some deep lyrics alright.

  • 10:47 PM: Deaignmojo FYI I have taylor swifts album on my iPod ;)

  • 10:47 PM: FickleFeline see. old with young. Stevie Nicks? Are you KIDDING me?

  • 10:48 PM: FickleFeline Taylor couldn't carry her booze in a bucket.

  • 10:48 PM: Stephanie I am ashamed to admit that I was actually teary the other day in the car when one of her songs came on the radio. It made me all nostalgic for my teenage years.

  • 10:48 PM: FickleFeline And she CAN'T sing her songs. Dear lord.

  • 10:48 PM: Deaignmojo They've done this before. Tina turner with beyonce a few years back

  • 10:48 PM: Stephanie Not good.

  • 10:49 PM: FickleFeline Hey, I love that "No Air" song , I know what you mean. Beyonce and Tina tore it up. This is shit.

  • 10:49 PM: Deaignmojo My what a short banjo u have sir

  • 10:49 PM: FickleFeline Now Stevie is playing backup tambourine...

  • 10:50 PM: FickleFeline hee hee

  • 10:51 PM: FickleFeline I hope he doesn't feel like less of a man, what with the short banjo and all.

  • 10:51 PM: FickleFeline oh Stevie, you be slummin'

  • 10:52 PM: Deaignmojo Oh gaaad! Lional!

  • 10:52 PM: FickleFeline yay Lionel! Lookin' gooooooooooooooood.

  • 10:52 PM: FickleFeline He has a very talented surgeon.

  • 10:53 PM: FickleFeline Smokie should go see him.

  • 10:53 PM: Stephanie Very unflattering shot of Beyonce's cleavage. She needs some decolletage makeup or something.

  • 10:53 PM: Deaignmojo Nice way to sneak in a DVD plug

  • 10:53 PM: FickleFeline shit...where are my 3-d glasses?

  • 10:54 PM: Deaignmojo 3d? Cmon!!! This is ridic!

  • 10:54 PM: FickleFeline oh gad...Celine?

  • 10:54 PM: FickleFeline "that kind of stuff really bothers me, I love trees"

  • 10:55 PM: Stephanie Cuz we all have 3-D glasses within arms reach?

  • 10:56 PM: FickleFeline I feel drunk watching this without 3-d glasses... so unfair.

  • 10:56 PM: FickleFeline Carrie looks a bit bitter that Taylor is winning all the grammys tonight.

  • 10:56 PM: Deaignmojo Jhud! She rocks

  • 10:56 PM: FickleFeline Yeah she does.

  • 10:57 PM: FickleFeline This 3-d thing is stoopid.

  • 10:57 PM: FickleFeline Also, if this was truly a tribute to Michael, there would be dancing. Such a cop out.

  • 10:58 PM: Deaignmojo It's the old school 3d glasses!

  • 10:58 PM: Stephanie I guess only some people in the audience were deemed worthy of glasses.

  • 10:58 PM: FickleFeline I bet everyone was given them, but only the real MJ fans are putting them on ;)

  • 10:59 PM: Deaignmojo Thanks Grammys! I'm going crossed eyed now

  • 10:59 PM: Stephanie It's like some sort of pseudo-religious inspirational video.

  • 11:00 PM: FickleFeline so weird. I feel uncomfortable.

  • 11:00 PM: FickleFeline can we take our non-existent glasses off now?

  • 11:01 PM: FickleFeline let's parade his kids on stage now...dood.

  • 11:01 PM: peihouses His daughter is beautiful

  • 11:01 PM: FickleFeline She is! a stunner for sure.

  • 11:02 PM: Stephanie Very pretty.

  • 11:03 PM: FickleFeline Roberta Flack and Maxwell? It's like they put all the old people in one hat, and the young ones in another and picked one from each randomly...

  • 11:03 PM: FickleFeline I would have liked to see that old guy who looked like Willie Nelson's grandpa with Maxwell. THAT would be awesome.

  • 11:04 PM: FickleFeline or Smokie Robinson with...Lady Gaga.

  • 11:05 PM: FickleFeline or Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus kissing.

  • 11:05 PM: FickleFeline in wedding gowns.

  • 11:07 PM: Stephanie Brutal.

  • 11:08 PM: FickleFeline I dig Sheryl Crow. I have A LOT of her cds.

  • 11:08 PM: FickleFeline and I think she has a couple of her cds hanging from her ears...

  • 11:09 PM: designmojo I Have her first release - that's it

  • 11:09 PM: FickleFeline I have...everything but her last few recordings. Also, Bon Jovi, still hot.

  • 11:10 PM: FickleFeline I think he uses more mousse and hair spray than I did in the 80's.

  • 11:10 PM: Stephanie Agreed. Still hot.

  • 11:11 PM: FickleFeline these medleys are WEIRD.

  • 11:11 PM: designmojo I like the dude with the shaggy curly blonde hair better.

  • 11:11 PM: FickleFeline omg Chris!

  • 11:11 PM: FickleFeline Who is this chick they just called on? Country singer, right?

  • 11:11 PM: designmojo Aw it's Taylor swift in 5 years

  • 11:12 PM: FickleFeline NOT NICE. It must be her mom.

  • 11:12 PM: peihouses she sang on his album with him to this song

  • 11:12 PM: peihouses forget her name

  • 11:12 PM: designmojo Ha! Meee-ouch!

  • 11:13 PM: FickleFeline she's rockin' those leather pants...

  • 11:13 PM: FickleFeline he should have had Taylor on the album...would have sold more copies.

  • 11:14 PM: FickleFeline woo! LIVING ON A PRAYER!!

  • 11:14 PM: designmojo Everyone sing the chorus when it comes!

  • 11:15 PM: FickleFeline I'm with ya bro! woah, we're half way there...

  • 11:16 PM: FickleFeline poop. it was the abbreviated version.

  • 11:16 PM: FickleFeline Mos Def and Domingo? Geez.

  • 11:16 PM: designmojo Dang. Mos def is one frigging cool dude. Love him

  • 11:16 PM: FickleFeline Lol - Mos Def: "I don't know why we ever broke up"

  • 11:17 PM: FickleFeline his latest album is off the chain

  • 11:17 PM: Stephanie Let me guess? Kanye West?

  • 11:18 PM: FickleFeline hah

  • 11:18 PM: FickleFeline So glad to see Rihanna win

  • 11:18 PM: designmojo Kanye looks a bit shorter then usual

  • 11:18 PM: Stephanie Cute kid. Is he Kanye's stand in?

  • 11:19 PM: FickleFeline not sure...would have been good to introduce him!

  • 11:19 PM: FickleFeline I am SO GLAD that Mary J is performing with...Bocelli?

  • 11:19 PM: FickleFeline WHAT THE HELL?

  • 11:19 PM: designmojo Can't believe eminem is still around

  • 11:20 PM: Stephanie Don't be hating on Bocelli!

  • 11:20 PM: FickleFeline i miss his old stuff...wish he still rapped like that

  • 11:20 PM: FickleFeline I am merely commenting on the oddness of the pairing Stephanie

  • 11:21 PM: designmojo He's still a good rapper. Just puts out too much stuff

  • 11:22 PM: designmojo Like cheetos and red wine

  • 11:22 PM: FickleFeline There will never be enough cheetos and red wine.

  • 11:24 PM: FickleFeline I wonder if wyclef was slated to be on before the earthquake?

  • 11:25 PM: Stephanie Ah, OK. I forgive. I think they sang together on Oprah around Christmas. Don't ask how I know that. It was good, I think.

  • 11:27 PM: FickleFeline how did David Foster weasel his way in there?

  • 11:27 PM: FickleFeline Now, in English!

  • 11:28 PM: FickleFeline Who released "Bridge Over Troubled Water" this year?

  • 11:31 PM: FickleFeline ooo Drake is going to perform. GO DEGRASSI

  • 11:31 PM: designmojo Ohhh jeff beck - one of my fav guitar players

  • 11:33 PM: FickleFeline and jeff bridges, one of my fav actors...

  • 11:34 PM: FickleFeline I thought this was the grammys. I'm willing to bet there are as many actors there as there are "musicians"

  • 11:37 PM: FickleFeline oh yay, old white dude is talking about Haiti instead of talking about how illegal downloads are going to keep his kids from going to college.

  • 11:39 PM: FickleFeline OH SNAP! Here we go - we will not be disappointed!! Here we go, the illegal download speech! I TOLD YOU!

  • 11:40 PM: FickleFeline Interesting...the audience will stand up for the Black Eyed Peas, but not the idea of paying for music.

  • 11:40 PM: Stephanie I can't hear, damn it. Shane is making some racket with the pipes. Not the Scottish kind, the plumbing kind.

  • 11:40 PM: FickleFeline I have a crush on Adam Sandler.

  • 11:41 PM: Stephanie Really? We so have different taste in men!

  • 11:41 PM: FickleFeline Um. Clearly.

  • 11:41 PM: FickleFeline Old People Music! Dave Matthews Band. Lol.

  • 11:42 PM: designmojo Dave is an amazing guitar player too

  • 11:42 PM: designmojo I clearly listen to a lot of old people music

  • 11:43 PM: FickleFeline yes, because you are on the verge of being old.

  • 11:43 PM: Stephanie Yay geezers!

  • 11:44 PM: FickleFeline those violin players backing him will probably make more tonight than they will for the rest of February...

  • 11:44 PM: designmojo Wow he's rockin out

  • 11:45 PM: FickleFeline yeah, best performance so far.

  • 11:45 PM: Stephanie Agreed but I still say DMB is not "rock"

  • 11:46 PM: FickleFeline I would agree with you on that.

  • 11:46 PM: designmojo She bangs she bangs!

  • 11:46 PM: FickleFeline not to worry...ummm...Maxwell and Roberta Flack are coming out soon

  • 11:46 PM: Stephanie Lea Michele. How cute is she?!

  • 11:46 PM: FickleFeline I want Adele to win.

  • 11:47 PM: designmojo How surprising

  • 11:47 PM: FickleFeline Beyonce didn't even look at Jay-z when she won...that was cold.

  • 11:47 PM: FickleFeline also, her dress has a job unto itself holding her boobs in.

  • 11:48 PM: FickleFeline LL!

  • 11:50 PM: FickleFeline This is such a weird award show...they are really trying to make everyone happy, old and young, country lovers and everyone else... tough sell.

  • 11:53 PM: Stephanie I want to see the Degrassi kid and then I'm taking my ass to bed.

  • 11:55 PM: FickleFeline I have a soft spot for Maxwell.

  • 11:55 PM: FickleFeline though I doubt he'll ever top Urban Hang Suite...

  • 11:57 PM: designmojo Love Maxwell. Smooooooth

  • 11:58 PM: FickleFeline that was a weird transition. And her face IS NOT moving...

  • 11:59 PM: FickleFeline and Roberta's wig is really really bad.

  • 11:59 PM: designmojo I'm enjoying this. Really nice

  • 11:59 PM: FickleFeline she isn't evening holding the mic near her sad.

  • 12:01 AM: Stephanie Right, peeps. I'm out. Off to bed with me. Enjoy the rest of the show!

  • 12:02 AM: designmojo Night!

  • 12:02 AM: FickleFeline goodnight! I think I'm not far behind you...

  • 12:03 AM: FickleFeline I wonder if the person sitting behind Lady Gaga is annoyed by her big hat?

  • 12:04 AM: Raptors Devotee Hey, I thought this was Scott's basketball site celebrating with the Raps big win?

  • 12:05 AM: FickleFeline lol. Nope. His wife!

  • 12:06 AM: Raptors Devotee Oops, sorry. Enjoy the rest of the show. My wife is also reading a live blog, just not yours.

  • 12:07 AM: FickleFeline that was a weird Jeff Beck performance...

  • 12:07 AM: designmojo Typical jeff beck. Loved it

  • 12:08 AM: FickleFeline I dug the singer

  • 12:08 AM: designmojo She had cool hair

  • 12:08 AM: FickleFeline true dat

  • 12:10 AM: designmojo Is this the last performance coming up? Me tired

  • 12:11 AM: FickleFeline alright, home stretch folks...

  • 12:12 AM: FickleFeline Quintin looks ridiculous in that shirt.

  • 12:12 AM: designmojo Popped collar? Yikes

  • 12:12 AM: FickleFeline Drake - represent!

  • 12:13 AM: designmojo What would happen if drakes album sucked? He's got too much hype now

  • 12:14 AM: FickleFeline I know, right?

  • 12:15 AM: FickleFeline more. live. autotune.

  • 12:17 AM: FickleFeline I was hoping he'd do "You the F*ckin' Best"

  • 12:17 AM: designmojo Yeah that's the jam!

  • 12:17 AM: FickleFeline lots of bleeping

  • 12:19 AM: designmojo Not bad

  • 12:19 AM: FickleFeline what a marathon...this has been a loooooooooooong show.

  • 12:20 AM: designmojo Foreal! And only 3 awards shown on tv

  • 12:20 AM: FickleFeline what's up with that?

  • 12:21 AM: designmojo All ad space

  • 12:21 AM: FickleFeline thumbs down.

  • 12:22 AM: FickleFeline last award coming up. I think that it will go to... taylor.

  • 12:24 AM: designmojo If beyonce is nom, then I say bey

  • 12:24 AM: FickleFeline I hope it goes to her! If the Black Eyed Peas win I'll spit nails.

  • 12:25 AM: FickleFeline John Legend and Santana should have performed together.

  • 12:26 AM: FickleFeline I KNEW IT!

  • 12:26 AM: designmojo Wow u called it! Nice

  • 12:26 AM: FickleFeline Taylor all the way. It's all about the kiddos this year./

  • 12:26 AM: designmojo Beyonce must be pissed!! Ha

  • 12:27 AM: FickleFeline She needs to thank jesus.

  • 12:27 AM: FickleFeline I'm sure she is. I would be if I were her.

  • 12:28 AM: FickleFeline alright folks, ficklefeline out!

  • 12:28 AM: designmojo That's a wrap

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Before and After: Kitchen Makeover.

I used to be one of those super organized people. Having kids ruined that. I aspire to get back to my former neat and tidy self one day. Until then, I just do my best. Sometimes my best sucks, and I need an intervention. Hence my friend Jennifer stepping in and gently suggesting we take today and do a kitchen makeover. For the sake of full disclosure, I will say that the Before picture was taken after breakfast, and the dishwasher needed to be unloaded and reloaded, the counters wiped down...and I needed more coffee.
Jennifer was not kidding around. She set up 4 piles for me. Toss, Give Away, Keep, and Recycle. Cameron even got in on the action (though truth be told, she mostly just took objects from one basket and put them in the other ones). As Jennifer organized cupboards and tossed objects in the garbage, I cleaned and sorted. We strategized about how to keep the counters clear. Things we use a lot got permission to remain on the counter (coffee maker, toaster, bowl of snacks). Things we do not use on a daily basis were put away. We threw out two garbage bags worth of stuff. It was determined that I needed a paper towel holder I could mount on the wall, a smaller dish drying rack, and a way to mount the microwave cord under the counter.
With the three of us ladies hard at work, it actually wasn't all that painful. A little bit of elbow grease and encouragement, a quick trip to Storage Solutions and then a glass of wine to celebrate. It takes a really great friend to come into your home and clean your kitchen. We won't even go into the ten loads of laundry she did for me. Apparently tonight we are going to tackle my bedroom dresser!
As you can see, the After is incredible. I feel so much lighter on my feet now that I can see my kitchen counter. My head is clear and as I look around the rest of my house, I feel like I can move room by room and clear out the clutter. I may not be able to control much, but at least I can make my world a little more organized.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Max Update: My Grocery Buddy!

Over the past month, Max has started going to the grocery store with me. He sits in the cart and seems to really enjoy helping pick out what we buy. Since he is such a veggie and fruit monster, we start in the produce section. I have him pick between green grapes and purple grapes, select between honeydew melons and cantaloupes (he usually asks for both), and he always happily reminds me that we need "CELERY". He even selects potatoes and counts with me as he puts them in the bag. When I ask him if we should buy his sister Cameron milk, he shakes his head and says "no". He labels everything we put in the cart and when he doesn't know the name of something he soaks up my words and does his best to repeat them back to me.
I look forward to my weekly trip to the store with Max. It is special Mommy-Max time, just for us. We even have inside jokes! And while being able to go to the grocery store is a small trip in the grand scheme of things, every bag of grapes, every stalk of celery is a step in the right direction.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'd Hire Me.

If you haven't heard, I'm looking for a job. You heard it right, I am on the dole. Searching for a's a job unto itself though. It's emotionally exhausting. Every day you have to psych yourself up. Hey! You're talented! You're super smart! Witty! A team player! Organized! Strategic! Hard working! Hell, I'd Hire Me!!

Some days, despite all best efforts, nothing happens. I remind myself that to get a single job, you have to put A LOT Of irons in the fire. Every few days there are phone calls. And on the best days, there are interviews. On those days, after making sure I have someone to help with Max, I pull myself together, make myself look professional and remind myself that I have a lot to offer. I have over ten years experience in the marketing industry. I've worked for big companies, little companies, agency side and in-house. I'm an award winning blogger and writer. People like me, damn it. And when I get into an interview I treat it like a two way discussion, because not only is the person I'm talking with trying to figure out if I'd be a good fit for their company, I'm trying to figure out if they will be a good fit for what I'm looking for in an employer.

So, if you are a prospective employer, this is what I look like after being up for 15+ hours and counting, modeling my new pajama bottoms (a Christmas gift made by my talented friend, Jennifer), while writing a blog and importing cds into my iTunes library. Not to worry, future boss, my business casual wardrobe includes less colourful pants.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Feel So Much Better Now.

I've been down in the dumps lately. There are a lot of factors involved, some I can control and some I cannot. One of the things I can absolutely control is making sure I write, even when I don't necessarily feel like it. Just like anyone else, I need something to make me accountable, something to get me motivated. I don't get paid to write my blog, so a big payday isn't it. I do get positive feedback though, and that is wonderful. But I need a carrot, something big and juicy. Last year I wrote my ass off and I know for certain that was because I was going to BlogHer '09. So guess what folks? I bit the bullet and registered for BlogHer '10. And I can't very well show up in NYC with my current blog track record, I need to step it up. See, I already feel so much better!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TMI Tuesday: No More Babies.

We had been playing Russian roulette with my uterus for months. It's true. And while infrequency might be said to be a form of birth control, it is a less than full proof method. I tried to get Scott to get the snip-snip, but no dice. That left me with some decisions to make. I am a forgetful pill taker and barrier methods leave me cold. After much consideration and va-jay-jay discussions with my girlfriends, I settled on an IUD. Here in lies the TMI Tuesday Tale of what happened next:

As usual, I was running late. I needed to be at the office (a 45 minute drive) in a half hour. But instead of cruising along on the highway sipping my coffee and entertaining other drivers with my car-dancing, I was standing in line at the pharmacy waiting to pick up my IUD which would be inserted the following day. That's when the saga began.

I gave the woman at the counter my name and off she went to get my prescription. She returned with a package the size of a shoe box. I started shaking my head even before I leaned forward and whispered "I think there's been a mistake, I'm here to fill a prescription for an IUD". She looked down at the box, nodded, and pushed it across the counter towards me.

"This is your IUD" she said, not even attempting to be discrete. I didn't understand. I had been told an IUD was tiny, the size of a paperclip! I had given birth to children smaller than this box!

"I, uh, thought it would be smaller" I mumbled, wondering to myself "what the hell am I getting into here?". She smiled at me, finally understanding.

"The actual device is small. The box includes the applicator, and has packaging to keep everything sterile" she explained. "Plus, they need a big box to fit all this marketing stuff on it" she winked.

"Hmmm..." I said. "I'm on my way to work. I can leave this in my car, right?" My brain went into fast forward mode as I pictured myself trying to hide this massive box under my coat as I greeted people in the office. Yikes. She shook her head at me.

"It has to remain at room temperature". For a brief second, I contemplated throwing in the towel on the whole procedure. Maybe a third child wouldn't be that bad. I mean, Scott and I make cute babies...right? Alas, I took the massive box and tucked it under my arm. As I walked out of the pharmacy, I just felt like everyone was staring at me, knowing that the box I was trying to hide was a FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL THAT WOULD SOON BE PLACED SEMI-PERMANENTLY IN MY VA-JAY-JAY.

As I drove to work, I eyed the dreaded box, taunting me from the passenger seat. The only bag I had with me was my laptop bag, already jam packed. I decided to take my laptop out, so that I could keep my precious IUD warm. Again I suspected that everyone was staring at me as I tried to stroll into the office like it was normal to carry one's laptop under your arm while your laptop bag was stuffed with massive birth control devices meant to enable my clearly overactive sex life. But I digress, because it only gets better from here on out.

After settling in, IUD tucked under my desk, I got a suspicious call from my boss to meet him at a restaurant to "talk". Oh boy. That didn't sound any good to me. I packed my stuff, jammed my laptop into my now bulging laptop bag and left the office. As I parked my car, I realized I had to bring all my gear into the restaurant, lest my IUD freeze and lose its efficacy. I tried to look calm and collected as I strolled into the restaurant, saddled with enough bags to make a camel proud.

I sat down at the table, and as he launched into his shpeel, all I could think about was the IUD pulsing in my laptop bag like a glowing orb. He motioned towards the bag, saying something about the need to return equipment. My gawd. What do I do? Open up the bag, put the IUD on the table as I fish out my laptop? Quick thinking saved the day and I coolly informed him I had photos I needed to remove and that I would return it in a few days. I saddled up my gear and left, my IUD peaking out of the corner of my laptop bag, likely pleased with itself for creating such a ruckus.

That evening, after perhaps a few glasses of wine (okay, I drank the whole bottle), I went to bed, forgetting to insert the medication into my va-jay-jay that would soften my cervix up so that it didn't feel like the doctor was trying to kill me when he inserted my shoebox sized IUD. I realized my error upon waking and sheepishly called my doctor's office to reschedule my appointment. I was beginning to think I was not meant to get this IUD put in...

Fast forward a week later, pills inserted as instructed, cervix prepped, I cart my IUD off to the doctor's office for the big show. Hell, I even did some grooming to make sure ladytown was ready for her moment in lights. The doctor walked me through the procedure, told me to undress, and that he would return momentarily. I pondered whether or not to keep my socks on, and decided that yes, they could stay. I mean, I went to the effort of providing a clean workspace, there was no need for my doctor to know I had also gotten a pedicure (blush).

He knocked on the door, and entered. His nurse followed behind him and they got the IUD out and prepared for the procedure. He complemented me for leaving my socks on. I knew that was the right call. He did not complement me on the clean work space, but I am absolutely sure as he cranked me open, he appreciated my efforts. But wait. Just as I started to relax a bit, thinking this embarassing experience was about to be over, my doctor says "Huh, that's interesting."

Let's be clear. These are not the words you want to hear when your feet are in the stirrups, your va-jay-jay is under a spot light, and your doctor has his back to you.

"Everything okay over there?" I asked.

"Yes, I think so. It's just that the IUD came already in the applicator and I can't get it to retract". He consulted with the nurse, who looked quite concerned. They huddled over my now smirking IUD and tried to make it do whatever it is that it should be doing. I heard her whisper something about calling the pharmacy in their building to get another one. She left the room and returned a few minutes later looking grim. They continued to try to bend this IUD to their wills. And all this time, I lay there, my butt cheeks kissing the edge of the exam table, legs spread, va-jay-jay seeing more action in one day than she had seen in the past year.

"Okay," he said. "I think I've got it". I think. Again, n0t something you want to hear when someone is about to pierce your cervix with a foreign object. Having already told him about the entertaining moments leading up to my appointment, I commented dryly "well, let's hope it all works out because this story really is a let down if we don't go all the way".

"This is going to pinch a bit," he said as he stabbed me. I looked over at the nurse incredulously, as if to say, "can you believe him? As if he has ANY IDEA what this feels like". I did those quick short breaths you always see pregnant ladies do in Lamaze classes on tv shows, thinking it would help the "mild discomfort" I was "experiencing". No such luck, so I opted to turn white as a sheet and grip the side of the table instead.

And then it was over. Just like that. I was told no sexy time for a few days, that there would be some cramping and spotting. And I was free to go. Really a let down, all things considered. I got dressed, walked around the room to see if I felt any different (which I did) and left the office, trying not to walk like a cowboy.

Two months later, me and my IUD, we're alright. And I've stopped carrying that big box around in my laptop bag (turns out that isn't necessary once the IUD is inserted). Go figure.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sacrilicious Sunday: Happy Time!

I am often inappropriate. Scratch that. I am constantly inappropriate. The filter between my brain and my mouth is as holey as a pair of pantyhose with a run up the leg (the ones you tried to fix with clear nail polish, but that didn't work so they are now wadded up in the bottom of your purse as you pray nobody notices that your legs are bare and you haven't shaved them in a week). I have a dark and twisted sense of humour. When someone tells me they went to the spa had a manicure, pedicure and got it...(and if you don't, that's cool...) my mind is automatically picturing you in a terribly compromising position. If you tell me to "keep something on the down-low", good lord, it's taking all I've got not to arch my eyebrow and say "damn!".

So, imagine me, out grocery shopping with Max yesterday, innocently looking for hand soap in the pharmacy section when I stumbled upon the following: Did you catch that? If not, let me blow it up for you:
That's right, it's "Happy Time" (which they've wisely trademarked!!) Shower Cream. Wonderful. Though to be honest, I found the directions disappointinly vague. Apparently you are supposed to "let the delicious fruity scent of orange blossom stimulate your senses, while the the silky shower cream with caring bamboo milk leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth. Relax and rejuvenate with every shower". It gets better - the website promises a "cream shower for soft revitalizing sensation". All for under ten dollars ladies!! Added bonus - apparently there's a Happy Time Body Cream too (in case you didn't get as relaxed and revitalized as you would have liked in the shower).

Huh. I clearly need more details on how to get to the point where I "relax and rejuvenate" myself. And damned if I can find the place where the batteries go either. Not to worry, I bought me a bottle of this fine elixir and I plan to test it out for myself. I recommend you do the same and report back on your results. Kudos to the marketing person who snuck this name through the focus groups. You made my day. Here's to a happy ending for all of us!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Max Knows His Animal Sounds (& His Name!).

Max has had a lot of progress over the past few months. One of the key areas we have noticed an improvement is his speech. He is now spontaneously requesting things he wants (with minimal prompting to label the item). He knows most of his animal sounds, though sometimes due to the fact that he is still working on pronouncing the letters "B" and "P", or anything that requires you to push air across your lips, it is hard to understand unless you know what you are listening for. His eye contact has improved dramatically, and he knows his name and his age! Not bad when you consider he only started repeating sounds when prompted on August 20th 2009. Amazing what a lot of hard work over 4 months can bring!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome Twenty-Ten! (Can I Get an Amen?).

I went to bed at 9:45pm last night (quite the party animal I know). Part of me felt like I should stay up just to make sure that 2009 was ushered out, the door locked firmly behind it. What a year. There were some highlights for sure. Max made amazing progress. Cam changed from a baby to a little individual before our eyes. I was selected as Mabel's Labels Official BlogHer Correspondent, participated in the Autism Speaks walk in Toronto, witnessed the miracle of life, and braved my college reunion. But when I look back at 2009, I will always remember it as our first year of dancing with Autism. Wading through the bureaucratic muck trying to get Max funding. Feeling like the only people who really got what we were going through were stuck in the muck with us.2010 will be a better year. In fact, 2010 is going to kick 2009's butt. I'm not discounting the good stuff, but I am looking forward to topping it with even better stuff. I'm not big on resolutions, but for 2010 I am aiming to keep life calm and balanced. I know Max will continue to have amazing progress (he seems to have new words daily at this point). I know Cameron will continue to amaze and astonish us. I need to get back to writing on a regular basis. I need to spend more time with my friends. I need to make sure I get some time away by myself to recharge.

So, 2009, don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. 2010, why don't you take your coat off and stay awhile? Can I get you something to drink?