moi (aka ficklefeline, mom, kat, hey you)
I run things

scott (aka hub, partner in crime, baby daddy)                                    
the guy who writes raptorblog

max (aka kid #1, maxilla, maxwell hunter)
the kid who eats all our food

cameron (kid #2, cam, cammie, cameron elizabeth, grumbelina)
proof that karma exists

nana (scott’s mom, lorraine, one super brave lady)                                                      
always ready with a cookie and a smile

bumpa (scott’s dad, dave)                                                            
max’s favourite jungle gym, cammie's favourite story reader

grandma (aka my mom, elizabeth)                                                        
that’s doctor Elizabeth to you

grandad (aka ian, cookie monster)                                                                   
willing to share cookies with grandkids (but nobody else)

jennifer (aka my bff, aunt jenny)                                                          
writer, chef and witness to max’s birth

christine (aka my other bff, aunt christine)                                             
most photogenic person I know, witness to cam’s birth

chris (aka scott’s bro, uncle chris)                                                  
expert assembler of toys, super techy, dark & handsome

dan (aka my younger bro, uncle dan)                                              
smarty pants, chef extraordinaire

david (aka my older bro, uncle david, doc)                                         
nuclear physicist (I’m not shitting you, he really is a rocket doctor)   

haschmo (aka my sis-in-law, aunt h)                                                      
more fun that you can shake a stick at

zevi (my nephew, david & h’s kid)                                             
eyes you could lose yourself in

samba (aka ghost cat)                                                                       
eats, shits, barfs, hides, makes my eyes puffy

lulu (foodie sophisticate and the most in the know person I know)                                 
will run the world one day, or maybe already does

chris (aka my fav designer)                                    

alana (aka soul sister)                                        
incredible artist, righteous harp player and singer (but totally sucks at tambourine)

jay (alana’s partner in crime, lucky guy)                                  
can’t think of anything he can’t play (does not suck at tambourine)