Sunday, April 10, 2005

Samba - the drooling turd burglar.

This morning when I woke up, I looked down to the end of our bed and saw Samba sitting at our feet gazing at us intensely. When she saw me looking at her, she took this as an invitation to walk up the entire length of my body and stand on my chest, purring. Informing me that she would accept my affection so please commence with the petting. It's always the same thing with her - I pet her so she can turn around in joyful circles, randomly sticking her catass in my face. What is it about cats and their asses? They enjoy flaunting their little pink puckered poopers, and always in close proximity to my face. So inappropriate. She really is a very sweet creature. We got her right before Christmas 2000 from the Annex Cat Rescue (her original name was Sybil, which I didn't especially care for). She was so tiny when we got her and she broke our hearts with her double purr and fear of everything. When she was little I would sit her on my lap and make her box her own tail (hours of endless entertainment). She didn't seem to get that the very thing she was attempting to catch and bite was attached to her ass…also, the very action of us shaking her tail would make her fart endlessly…such a rotten smell from such a little beast.
She hasn't grown much (I think she is a grand total of 7 pounds) and she lives every day waiting for Bossa to chase her down the hall. Luckily, she has her own room that we put her in when we are out so that Bossa won't catch her. We used to let them both have free reign, figuring that Samba would be able to outrun Bossa. That ended when Samba started peeing and pooing in our bedroom (poor thing was too afraid to leave our room to go to her litter box down the hall lest Bossa harm her). Also, a trip to the vet due to a suspicious chunk missing from Samba's tail informed us that this little girl needed to be inducted into protected custody.
She is an odd little beast. She adopted a monkey I had given to Scott for Valentine's day (Bongo). He is roughly the same size as her, so they wrestle, cuddle and sleep together. She even cleans him sometimes. We feel a bit bad for him when we find him ass up in the middle of the hallway…Samba is not the most polite of kitties. She has a lot of toys but the thing she likes to play with best are her dried up turds - hence the name "turd burglar". We find them in random corners of her room…I suppose we should just be glad that they remain in her room and that they are dried up. The other thing she does when she is very very happy is drool. So, if you are lying on the bed petting her, you have to watch out because she will drool right on your face, which is totally nasty. She also likes to sleep on top of us, preferably on top of your bum/crotch. She prefers Scott to me, though lately she has been selecting me over him (not sure if this is a good thing). In the winter her favourite thing is to sleep next to Scott, nestled into his armpit. In the summer she hides under the bed because she hates the ceiling fan. A weird little kitty, but I appreciate that she has forced us to interact with her on her terms - perhaps there is something to be learned here.


  1. Kat, I can't believe you blogged on this today! I was JUST telling Huz last night that I was going to blog about Cambridge's pink sphincter and how she loves to stick it in my face! Ha Ha! (I'll still blog about it, but it's funny how coincidental that is!)

  2. What a cute story! I love that my cats all have their different personalities. A couple of my cats really love beanie babies, especially the ones that look like birds. They carry them around the house and growl if another cat tries comes too close. I wonder if they think they have a real bird??

  3. Your post had me laughing pretty hard as it reminded me of my cat - Scratch.

  4. I want a kitty too! But my whole family is allergic to them. Is there like a magic pill that cures allergies to cats?

  5. I think Samba might like a beanie baby....

    starfoxx - no magic pills (Scott is allergic to the girls and he has to suffer or take allergy meds that make him climb the walls). I think that the crazy scientists out there are working on a hypoallergenic cat...but it will cost mucho $$.

  6. Anonymous2:58 p.m.

    The reason cats present their asses to us, according to Roger Caras, is that they want us to smell them. It's like extending a hand for a handshake. In fact, when we don't smell them, they're kind of offended.