Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hit me baby one more time, one more time, one more time.

Have you heard the news? Just kidding. Of course you have. I reported it here, weeks ago. Oh Britney, we've seen you develop into such a lovely woman. Remember her first 'scandalous' video? The one where she was dressed as a Catholic school girl? Seems pretty tame now. I mean, we've seen her dance with snakes, strut her stuff in barely-there flesh coloured bejewelled body suits. We've witnessed several boob jobs, broken hearts, mental break downs, a Vegas wedding...and the girl is only 23 years old (JLo, you're fallin' behind!).

We've seen her kiss a girl an old woman (twice!). And the lies, oh the lies. First she and Justin were just fine, then they broke up. And she was a virgin, wait, scratch that, not a virgin (but SOOOOOOOOOOOOO in love, so it was regrettable, but acceptable). Then, getting married...psych, eloped....and not pregnant...just kidding, totally pregnant. I suppose when you live in the spotlight, this type of stuff happens. I do think she asks for it a bit, you don't see Ms. Aguilera flaunting her private life nearly as much as Britbot. And now Brit and her sleazy excuse for a husband are going to have a reality don't try to tell me you just want your privacy. Ever. Sadly, not a yet a girl, not yet a woman, soon to be a mother.


  1. I feel sorry for that child. How long before Kevin leaves Brit in the dust and moves on to the latest and greatest?

    And I can't believe she's only 23!!

  2. It is scary,isn't it? I'm waiting for the next tabloid title, "Brit and Kevin SPLIT!"

  3. Speaking of celebrity news, have you heard the latest about Whitney Houston? Apparently she's losing her hair and her teeth in rehab and is a bone rack. Let this be a warning to all the ladies out there. You date Bobby Brown, he'll turn you into a crack ho.

  4. ERRYBODY besta keep Whitney's name out of their mouths, if they know what's good for them. Don't talk smack 'bout Miss Thang. Bobby was a wrong move, but she's NOT a crack ho, hear me?

    Anyway I said it before and I said it again, Kat, I LOVE it when you're on the celebrity tip. Your insults are amazing. Keep 'em coming.

  5. whitney's not a crack ho, foot. she's a crack wife.

    britney's pregnant with an alien baby! i swear it! i read it in a newspaper.

  6. Britney's pregnant? When did dis happen? hahahaahahha

    I pray for that kid's sanity, because he's gonna end up like Corey feldman, or macauley caukin... you know... crazy and shit.

    Whitney looks like a crack fiend? hahahahahahaha. Like Biggie said, "mo money, mo problems". At any rate, she couldn't look worse than Jacko on his best day.

  7. Britney Spears's life could be the making of some crazy soap opera. For only being 23, she's sure had a lot of drama in her life!

    That poor poor baby. Two crazy parents.