Thursday, April 28, 2005

[*Blink*] 30 is the new 20 - Part 1.

I'm turning 30 on Saturday. Yes, 30 on the 30th, my "champagne" birthday. We are celebrating on Saturday, by way of a birthday party for both of us (and by celebrating, I mean, getting together with our other old friends and commiserating about how much our backs hurt and our bones ache and about how much our families want us to have babies). Then we will get drunk, and maybe cry.

At the xbi, the social committee sends out a birthday email every month highlighting the employees who are celebrating their birthdays that month. The email typically mocks and embarrasses those who are getting older...I'm talking heads pasted on fairy bodies, with poems that are meant in fun, but are tongue in cheek and may make you blush. I'm not going to lie - all month I was wondering "what the hell are they going to do to me?". I was picturing my blonde head mounted on a gorilla body, or maybe a baby's body...something horrible/unimaginable.

So, considering how bad it could have been, I got off light. The talented dudes in our production department paid tribute to the four "April birthday babies" by creating Tronesque video games using our faces. I've taken a couple of screen caps to illustrate their creative prowess. Scott was impressed because at his work, his coworkers merely gather 'round his cube and sing a half assed version of Happy Birthday (and let's face it, nobody likes that - not at a restaurant, not on your voicemail, and certainly not by your lame-o coworkers).


  1. TRON! Remember that movie TRON? No one did except for Police Chief Wiggum, but even he was a bit unsure. TRON! hahahahahahaha.

    Happy birfday, get drunk! Eat lotsa molten lava cake and stuff...

  2. Oh.My.
    Happy Bday, girl! I'll be joining the ranks of 30-somethings next February! Yikes! :)

  3. HOLLA, KAT-RESS AND SCOTTA THE SHOTTA are birthday-in' it up.

    Check ya mail. Well, next week. HAR HAR. Damn post office!!

  4. Ummm...cake...gotta figure out where we are getting it from :-)

    VW - a lot of people are turning the corner this year...scary shit.

    soli - will do!

  5. Happy Birthday tomorrow!

    My husband and 2 of his friends turned 30 last year. We celebrated by renting out half of our favorite bar and having an open bar all night!

  6. Is this WHEN you wanted that cake for? I'm sorry...I should have re-visited this topic a bit sooner I suppose...! I have a few great, simple recipes if you want one - don't hesitate to ask. I'll give you all my "secret tips"!

    And Happy Birthday - and just so you know, 30 was one of my best birthdays ever...maybe THE best!

  7. Not to worry Jennifer, I figured that you get a lot of people asking your for cakes :-)

    I think I'm going to buy one from the grocery store...not great, but it will do.

    Maybe I can coordinate a cake with you for mother's day or father's day?

  8. Grocery store cakes can be surprisingly good...Loblaws has a great "gourmet" section with some from Dufflets!

    Let me know if you want a cake...Mother's Day might be a bit tough but I migh be able to get organized for Father's Day. Keep me posted!

  9. Anonymous5:10 p.m.

    Happy B-day Kat! Wanna hear all about it on Monday... that's if you make it into work :D

  10. Happy birthday Kat!! You look awesome for thirty... not a day over 19!

    And those Loblaw's cakes can be very good, the ones with the "real cream" stickers on them. Honest, I'm a real food snob and even I like them.

  11. I am all about the Loblaws cake! Thanks for the advice ladies, and the kind words.