Thursday, April 21, 2005

Who in the world is Jeff Prasertlum?

Sometimes you have to hug people who make you feel icky insideJeff, whoever you are, thanks for the traffic you have sent my way. I can't help but wonder, if you really do work at Allstate, do you still have a job? Are you the laughing stock of your coworkers, friends and family? Regardless, I guess you learned your lesson, eh? Hoax or not, your name and email are written all over this, and while you were once famous for your participation on the University of Florida's Intramural Sports Team (way to go!) you are now known worldwide for your lack of discretion. Tisk tisk. I think your new nickname should be Ron Mexico.

Onto more important things. How about this new pope? Since I can't possibly be funnier or more disrespectful than the Mincemeat Vixen, I ask you to go to her site and be forewarned, you may snort your beverage through your nose (for me it was diet coke with lime, which stings).

I am sad for Scarlet Johanson in this picture. She looks really uncomfortable in that outfit, and she is so much hotter than this picture indicates. Also, she is hugging that orange fishstick Paris Hilton. Ick. Also, Benicio Del Tores deserves a cockpunch for saying they had "the sex" in an elevator at some awards show. First off dude, you are an old pervert bordering on pedophilia and second off, you are gross. Thirdly - if you were fortunate enough to get with our girl Scarlet, have some fucking class and shut your apple doll face about it you A1 douchebag.

PS: I am still really raw about the fact that Anwar got voted off when that woman beater Scott Savol and glorified cruise ship singer Anthony Fedorov are still on the show. America, what is wrong with you?


  1. Holy moly! You've gotten more than 4000 hits today! That's more than twice as many as Tony Pierce has today!

    Long live the queen of Blogland.

  2. I hope those 4000 people who looked at your site (wow!) decide to

    a) begin referring to Paris Hilton as a "fishstick" on a regular basis

    b) vote the woman beater OFF American Idol

    c) Shout the name "Ron Mexico" out when they are having sex


  3. The traffic is from that crazy Jennifer Aniston email...but I'll take it. Funny, the last time I had a spike like this was when I posted about Janet Jackson's nipple/Super Bowl debacle.

    Scott and I have been laughing for days about the whole Ron Mexico thing. I feel kind of bad for the guy who actually has that name in real life.

    JW - word. Me too!

  4. You are hilarious. Yep, found your site from googling Jeff your site!

  5. Anonymous9:51 p.m.

    You're welcome for all the traffic.

    -nice guy...bad judgment