Sunday, April 03, 2005

Kibble Kibble Num Num/Chocolate Molten Lava Cake!

The highlight of my weekend began and ended on Friday night when Scott and I got to meet Domestic Goddess (aka Jennifer), Picniclighting (aka "S") and Kibble Kibble Num Num (aka Jasmine). The plans for this meeting of the web minds had been in the works for several months (Christmas, work, sickness all getting in the way), so I was pretty psyched when Jennifer and I exchanged final confirmations this week that we were a "go". Suh-weet. Funny, you would think that I would be nervous meeting someone for the first time, but it actually didn't cross my mind until after the fact when I was saying to Scott, "that seemed really comfortable from the get go, for me at least". And then I secretly wondered in my paranoid mind "maybe they thought we were totally obnoxious and couldn't wait for us to leave?!"

Scott and I managed to get to their apartment on time…unusual for us because (I'm gonna throw Scott under the bus on this one) Scott has this thing about trying to cram 4 hours worth of stuff into a 90 minute time span right before we need to go somewhere or someone is coming over to our house which inevitably leads to him either driving like a maniac or me greeting our guests solo because he has just gotten into the shower. Right off the bat we both felt at ease, how could we not with Picniclighting (a loyal Raptorblog member and forum moderator) and Scott watching the Raptors game and Jennifer and I talking about weddings and cooking, impending home ownership and blogging. Jasmine is a lovely lovely cat (and quite the conversationalist). Picniclighting makes a mean fruit plate and Jennifer is not called the Domestic Goddess for nothing. She made this killer chocolate molten lava cake that is to die for. And not that President's Choice stuff either, she made it from scratch and then tried to tell me how it really is "easy" to make. I think she was kidding me and this is more in line with the Caramilk secret (how do you get the yummy melty chocolate in the middle of the cake?). The warm chocolately cake was topped with fresh cream and berries and my tummy was in heaven.

Funniest moment of the night: Jennifer, S, and myself mocking Scott's intentions of making crockpot chicken wings (more on this later - photos, review, ratings). Note to Jennifer, yes he made them as originally intended...and while they were not crispy, they were pretty good [gasp].

Boys will be boys moment of the night: when Scott was saying he thought Araujo was having a great game and S looked up his game stats for the game thus far and proved him wrong (I never thought Scott would find another kindred spirit with a similar love for the Raptors).


  1. big n - we had a great time.

    mincemeat vixen - I wouldn't turn down PC Molten Cakes, but the real deal is always better.

    Jennifer - I'm with you. Also, I just posted about the infamous wings...

  2. Ha! Sounds like the grand time Huz made stuffed jalepenos for an appetizer whilst I was pmsing and not too happy about how frickin' hot they were. Read his rendition of it at: