Thursday, March 31, 2005

Drunk on a triple word score.

I think I'm still recovering from this fever/headache thing. I did manage to haul my ass into work today, but I took a nap from 6:30pm - 8pm only to be awoken by a rude telemarketer from Carriage House who refused to give me her home phone number so I could call her at home while she was eating dinner with her family. Not that I was eating dinner, but you get the point. Bitch (her, not me). Then, making matters worse, I discovered that not only is the O.C. not on tonight, but ER is a rerun. Wtf? I don't ask for much, just a little guaranteed Thursday night TV. These networks show no loyalty. Scott won rights to the big tv tonight, so he upstairs playing the new Fight Night playstation game, and even I will admit that it is pretty cool...for a boxing game.
OXYPHENBUTAZONE will earn you 1778 points in scrabble.

As promised, I have proof that Scott and Jennifer did play scrabble to the death on Saturday and they may have ingested several "pops" as captured in this photo.

I was the score keeper, and it appears at the time the picture of me was taken (why am I so shiny?) that Jennifer was in the lead, and I was half in the bag. I do believe that Scott was the winner of game one, and Jennifer rallied to win game two (a thumping from what I understand). Tomorrow Scott and I are going over to the Domestic Goddess's house for dessert and a Raptors game and we will finally get to meet her, her husband, and her kitty Jasmine face to face/whisker to whisker. I promise to blog about this and take pictures, as this is an important occurrence in the history of the Fickle Feline Blog.


  1. Perhaps my mad skill that surfaced during the second game and allowed me to trounch your lovely husband had something to do with the glass of water that is evident beside my beer.

    It's all about pacing yourself!


  2. Scrabble. Booze. Hot bloggers. No, no need to invite me. I'm sure I was busy that day. Thanks though.

  3. Mike - my time!

  4. i noticed you have some bamboo plants. what do you do when one of them turn yellow? cut it off or something? that's what i am debating about mine right now...

  5. I, uh, throw 'em out and buy replacement shoots.