Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Baby beluga in the deep blue sea.

I am way cuter than your baby!I made it through hump day. Only two more days of driving in this shitty weather until I get to sleep in for a change. Oh joy, oh bliss. I meant to blog about this earlier (but I was too cranky and my boobs hurt - see previous blog) - I went to my friend Stephanie's baby-to-be-shower on Sunday. These pictures are not Stephanie's baby (she is due in April), they are pictures of Hannah (4 months old), who is my co-worker's best friend's daughter. I think she is just about the cutest thing ever.

Stephanie registered at Babies 'R Us, which if you have never been, is an insane place and completely overwhelming. I of course, left buying her gift until the last moment, and all of the cute, little, easy to wrap stuff was already gone, so I ended up buying her a baby bath, wicker laundry hamper, a crib mattress pad, and a rattle. Big ass objects that ate up all of my wrapping paper, but she seemed pleased with them, so it's all good. I have to admit, it was kind of a crazy experience. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled for Stephanie and her husband Shane. I think I am just a bit overwhelmed by the whole baby thing. The lowlight of the day was getting a drive from Oakville to Richmond Hill all the while freezing my ass off in the back seat because the driver had the window cranked down and was smoking wine tipped cigarettes (that smelled GREAT and didn't make me want to barf in her Mustang AT ALL). The highlight was seeing how happy Stephanie was and how big her belly is getting (also, she made out like a bandit!).

Do you know how much stuff you can buy for babies? It is crazy. It kind of makes me feel like I need to save up all my money for the next five years before I'll even feel like I can afford to have one. My mom reassured me that this is not so, that she and my dad were really broke when they had me and it all worked out just fine. My best friend Jennifer told me that anything you need for a baby you can buy at the drugstore on the way home from the hospital (they sell cribs at Shoppers Drugmart?). My other friend Jenn told me that she was at a baby shower last weekend, and the expecting mother's mother (who Scott says is a loud mouth) asked Jenn why she wasn't pregnant yet, and were her husband's sperm dead? That woman deserves a cockpunch in the worst way.

 Dazzle Bright BEACHBERRY Pony!It really is an odd time in my life - I've got a bit of a career going, but my body is going nuts. It isn't so much like I feel like I am running out of time, it's more that every time I see a baby I get mushy, and when I see little kids my heart melts. I almost bought myself a "My Little Pony" today (what's up with that?) but instead I bought a fancy digital Weight Watcher's scale. I suppose my immediate goal of losing weight goes completely against the idea of having a baby, eh? Guess I'll sort it out one way or another (and no, I'm not pregnant, thank you very much).


  1. When you do decide to have a baby, I would say to make sure it's not a pre-menstral-hormones-talking time of the month. I always feel like I NEED another baby, right before my period, but come VERY quickly to my senses afterwards every time! I have even tried to seduce Matt into unprotected sex with the thought of BABY on my hormonal mind, but thankfully he is in a logical mind-frame all the time. Two kids IS ENOUGH!

  2. Hey, I didn't mean that you can get a crib at the drugstore! I just meant that if your baby is born in the middle of the night and you need to take her home, you can stop and pick up diapers and be okay with just that until the following day. You probably wouldn't put your baby in a crib on the first night she's home anyway.


  3. I do indeed love my baby gifts. Yes, the baby shower was extremely overwhelming. I laughed, I cried, I freaked out when I got home and realized that I am having an actual baby. A BABY!! Holy crap. What the hell was I thinking!

    Seriously, it's all good. The main things you need are working pair of boobs and a roof over your head. Check and check. I'm ready to go now.

  4. Good luck with your baby, Stephanie!

    The whole baby-clock thing is a big part of the reason why I'm trying to lose weight. Gotta be at my healthiest if I'm going to put my body through that rigamarole!

  5. miss misse - you ain't never lied - those hormones play havoc with my good sense every month. I guess that explains why the earth remains populated.

    jennifer - I know you can't buy a crib at Shopper's...

    stephanie - I am so glad that you had a good time and that you are outfitted for your new addition :-)

    jaime - I think we have very similar reasons for our goals

    Vixen - the unbridaled estrogen in my body is killing me...

  6. kat,

    lately my biological clock hasn't been ticking but it has been whispering rather loudly... "how you doin'?" it says, a la joey tribbiani... i just wish it would shut up. i don't even have a husband, much less a real boyfriend.

    these are not pre-menstrual cravings, either. the feeling has been going on 5 monhts and counting. i need to spend time with someone's baby to slap the feeling out of me.

    and may i say, that hannah is a bundle of cuteness wrapped in a layer of gooey-smooshy-yumminess. so cute, in fact, that i had to call my mum over to come look at the pictures.

    a lady once said to me that the only reason God made'em so cute is so we'd be more inclined to take care of them...