Saturday, March 05, 2005

Step 3: Don't eat garbage.

I have been doing really well in the "don't eat garbage" department. But that isn't much of a challenge for me, as in recent years, I have been a very healthy eater. It really is the portion sizes that are the issue for me (I like feeling full). I will admit that it can be tough at work sometimes because there tends to be a lot of "garbage" around and sometimes the long hours force your hand ("what does everyone want for dinner? Pizza?"). I combat this with bringing a bevy of healthy snacks (apple, orange, banana, skim milk cheese stick, carrots, celery, slim fast peanut crunch bar, diet coke, lean cuisine) and that has helped me stay on track and save money to boot.

I am finding it a lot tougher to lose weight now that I am almost 30. My first week, I didn't lose anything (but that week was a bit of a write off with the "dial scale" that doesn't give clear readings, so maybe I did, and I just don't have any proof. Then I bought the fancy Weight Watchers scale, and that told me, quite clearly, that I am actually 1.5 lbs heavier than I had originally thought. So, it feels like instead of losing, I have actually gained, and I know this isn't true, but it sure feels like a kick in the face. Since I can't change it, I guess I have to accept it and try not to get discouraged. I know I will lose the extra weight, and it will be work, and it isn't fun, so I just have to focus on something else for now.

Funny thing: Scott is helping me in my endeavour by starting his own "health kick". He is very sweet. Also, I can't wait to watch Kirstie Alley's new "Fat Actress" show. I knew there was a reason we kept the movie network!

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  1. Was?

    Try "is". This is her now...

    Her goal is to lose another 60 or 70 pounds.