Thursday, March 17, 2005

What more could a girl want?

Last night Scott I had a date. And not just any date, a date that involved my favourite food, and my favourite music, with my favourite man.

We started out at Spring Rolls. Scott had made a reservation for us, and the hostess tried to stick us in the table right by the front door (wtf - he made a reservation!!). I don't know about you, but I am hyper-particular about where I sit when I go to a restaurant. I figure, you are paying a premium to be there, so you should be comfortable, or else what is the point? I have left restaurants because I wasn't comfortable where we were seated. I have pissed off countless waiters with my demands. I will not sit by the front door, bathroom, kitchen, or bus station. I just won't, and that is it. I also do not want to have my back to the front door (I must have been in the mafia in a past life), and I do not want the sun shining in my face (I'm a piece of work, eh?). So, we get seated in an acceptable location (Scott seems to have learned how to deal with my seating requirement weirdness - he puts up with a lot). I loved the food, Scott tolerated it...Thai food is not his thing, so going out for Thai food with him is a real treat. After dinner we had some time to kill so we wandered around the Eaton Centre. Scott bought me the John Legend cd, which I love. I browsed in Sephora, Scott browsed in Harry Rosen. It became very apparent that we need to get better paying jobs if we ever want to move from browsing to buying.

The Jill Scott concert was supposed to start at 8pm, but it started at 8:30pm (CP Time). It was awesome, top to bottom. She is such a diva - the woman had no opening act and she sang for over 2 hours. Ridiculous. Not a sour note all night, her band is so tight, I can't even stand it. Scott swears that she waved at us... She came out for her encore in her slippers (I imagine that wearing those killer silver open-toed heals would be hard on her feet). We saw her in 2001 at Molson Amphitheatre and I enjoyed every bit as much tonight as I did back then. What I love about her is that she truly is the complete package. She sings, she moves, she makes you laugh, she tells you like it is, and she is so honest and on the money when it comes to love and life. What hit home is something she said about how women don't tend to give our men props enough when they do great things, but when we are pissed off at them, we let everyone know. I do a pretty good job of singing Scott's praises, but I am also very articulate when I am not thrilled. So, let me sing it from the rooftops: "He did good".


  1. Anonymous9:21 p.m.

    Awwwwwwww Kat, your date sounds so romantic! Props to Scott, that's the right way to treat women ;) !

    Hope you guys are doing aite!

    -Llama from another mama

  2. It actually wan't Jill Scott on CP time, it was half the damn audience. I swear, people were showing up at 9:15pm! Stupid ass.

    Spring Rolls gets hella busy in the evening, and we didn't want to have to wait. They weren't letting anyone take pictures, so I got that one off her website.

  3. i got stood up for jill scott. :(
    so, alas, i didn't get to go.


  4. oh, how embarrassing. i kept getting an error message when i tried to post a comment, and i retried several times... apparently all my retries went thru. *blush* sorry kat! (and fellow readers)

  5. Stood up!

    Damn. I would have gone alone. She was that good.

  6. yesh. depressing evening. oh... woe... is meeee...

    that kind of nite. couldn't have gotten past the *gasp* embarrassment of going to see jill alone. people who know me (and truss, a lot of them would have been there) would have been like, beeep-beep-boop-beep *on their cellies* "girrrrrlll... did you see miss thang here ALONE? tryna play like she WANTED to be heah solo.... chile, PLEASE!"


    actually, i considered going alone. was too... sigh.

  7. Well, there were quite a few women there on their own in the section we were sitting in, they seemed okay with it, but I can appreciate not wanting to feed the gossip circle. The person who stood you up deserves a swift kick in the ass though.

  8. I wanted to go to Jill Scott's concert after I copped her cd. Her voice truly is an instrument. Alas, tickets were gone, and so were my concertbuddies.

    I did buy John Legend tickets for his show at the Docks. You have to buy some.. only $35!

    BTW, I came here through Soli, Big N, and RaptorBlog.

    Peace and crackers...