This is our story:

The first time I posted about our suspicion that Max had Autism was on October 20, 2008.  We had suspected something was "up" with him since he was 14 months old.

While we waited to get the official diagnosis, Max participated in CIP (Community Intervention Program). He made some nice progress.

On December 2, 2008 we finally got the official diagnosis.  Even though we knew it was coming it was still devastating. 

Max started IBI therapy in January.  He also started speech and music therapy.

Sometime in February I finally cried. Better late than never.

Did I mention that the waitlist for IBI funding in Ontario is over 2.5 years long?  Yay public healthcare! 

I still managed to stay optimistic.  I even shot some video of Max. Every bit of progress gave us hope.

I wrote about disability awareness and how important it is for us to educate our children.

Of course, we played the blame game.

Every day is world autism awareness day in my house.

Max loves going to the park 

I struggled to cope.  I do to this day.

Max turned 3!

Max finally got officially assessed by ErinOak for the IBI Waitlist.  It was horrible.  Happy birthday to me!

One of Max's favourite things is music.  He has had a lot of progress in music therapy.  I credit Max being able to talk to music therapyAmazing stuff.

No matter what, Max will always be my main little dude

I saw a psychic to find out what the future held for Max.  She saw good things.

Team Maxwell participated in the 2009 Toronto Autism Speaks Walk Now For Autism.  I did a photo essay and a video blog.

One of Max's favourite books was Ten In the Bed

Part of Max's speech therapy was trying to get him to use a straw.  It took a long time but we got there eventually. 

A video of Max in an early IBI session.

Despite how hard things were, I stayed positive

We finally got the results from the assessment at Erinoak.  Wow, just wow.

Bursts of progress keep us going.  But potty training almost killed me.   Really, it didSeriouslyIt was hard.

Autism is hard on the whole family.  What kills me the most is that there is no cure.  That was hard to accept.

Max had an intensive block of therapy to help with potty training.

I declared war on Autism. 

Max started preschool.  It stressed me out.  His first day was harder on me than it was on him.


Field trip #fail.

Sometimes Autism knocks me on my ass. It's one helluva journey.

Having a strong support network will make or break you.

Reflections on the Max's early days and seeing symptoms of Autism in Max's first year.  My wishes for the future.

Occupational therapy has been an important part of Max's integrated therapy program. 

Max has nicer boots than I do. I better get used to it.

Little sisters sure are annoying. 

Sometimes you have to make hard choices.

The 1 year anniversary of Max's diagnosis.   

Max knows his animal sounds!  And he's really good at grocery shopping!

Max is stringing beads, playing with his sis and kicking ass in speech therapy!

He has the most beautiful smile in the world. 

Sometimes Max doesn't sleep.  It usually means he is about to get sick.  It still sucks.

Max really likes Home Depot

I wish more money was spent on Autism therapy and less money was spent on the Olympics.  I'm just sayin'.

Max continues to kick ass in speech therapy. 

How to choose a daycare for a child with Autism (trust me, I've been through the mill on this one).

Having a neurotypical child when your firstborn has Autism is a head trip. 

Autism changes how you define love

Autism on tv is not the same as Autism IRL.

The monetary cost of Autism therapy is crippling. 

The best thing we ever did for Max was give him a little sister.

Registering Max for JK was really hard.

We participated in the 2010 Toronto Walk Now For Autism.  I did a photo essay on it.

My daughter Cameron participated in the Early Autism Study at McMaster.

Fighting the good fight is hard.

My take on the whole vaccination debate.

Max pooped in the potty

A father's view on having a child with Autism.

It sucks when your child can't tell you what's wrong.

You never know where you will find kindness.

It is important to give thanks to the people that help you: Nana, GrandmaGrandadmy husband, Aunt Jenny, Bumpa

Max outside with his little sister.

Some days are really hard, even still.

Max goes to Marineland.

We celebrate Max's one year anniversary of talking!

Max starts Junior Kindergarten! Sad goodbyes at daycare, new beginnings at his new school.

Sibling relationships are sibling relationships, Autism or not.