Saturday, August 15, 2009


I am at war.

I am the General.

My enemy never sleeps. He preys on those unable to defend themselves.

Therefore I never sleep, because if I do, he is waiting to strike again.

I've used tactics I never thought I would to bring this enemy down. It is a battle of wills, one fought inch by inch. No truce on Christmas day.

And as I cry out for help to those who could, I find it a waste of valuable energy.

They don't hear.  They don't care.

It isn't their child who is being attacked.  Their baby isn't the 1 in 100 who have been snatched away.

They don't understand.

And so I battle on with no end in sight.  A few trusty soldiers in the trenches beside me.  An army of friends behind me.  

Failure is not an option.  I will fight even if I am the last one standing.  

I will fight.  I will win.  


  1. Boooya! I want to kick some ass too. Just say where and when.

  2. Of course you will, and we, friends and strangers, we'll be here to see it happen.

  3. Anonymous9:02 a.m.

    Hell yeah! I'm fired up! If I could take Autism out back and beat the crap out of it, I would do that right now!

    Nicely written, babe.


  4. I'm in the trenches with ya! I've got my can of whoop ass and Autism is going down!

  5. Ok I am drafting a letter to Deb Mathews about how to get poop out of your DVD player. I mean its only a matter of time before someone close to her gets diagnosed with Autism, she needs to be prepared. She obviously doesn't have a clue.

  6. Can you cc me on that letter? I too would like to know how to get poop out of your DVD player!