Thursday, August 06, 2009

This Blog Brought To You By The Colour Yellow.

I am currently in potty training hell. Trying to stay calm, cool, collected, all while getting peed on. I think that is what is so hard about this whole thing, trying to appear relaxed when really you want to scream "YOU LITTLE JERK I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU JUST PISSED ALL OVER THE FLOOR WHEN I HAD YOU ON THE POTTY 2 MINUTES AGO! ARGHHHHHHH".

It's actually going pretty well considering the little dude has been sick for the past 3 days. But that doesn't mean it's any fun.


  1. Don't you love how when you become a mom your life revolves around bodily fluids?! I hope things keep going well and Max feels better soon.

  2. Andrea - seriously! I don't get paid nearly enough for this job ;-)

  3. Hmm. I might need to pee now.