Sunday, August 02, 2009

Highs So High & Lows So Low.

I often wonder how a single day can have such extreme highs that have me soaring next to the sun yet also have lows that threaten to pull me down into a sink hole of despair. It seems unfair. Like a day should get its due as either perfect and unblemished or a shitastic day for the record books. Not both. Days like today pull me in two different directions, making me feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster. 

The high? Max peed in the toilet 8 times today. Outside of one accident this morning right after he woke up, he went 8 for 8. The first 2 trips were tough (a marathon 2.25 hour session in the bathroom followed by a 1 hour session). I knew he had to go, and I figured the best strategy was to just wait him out. The third time I put Max on the potty, he peed right away. And I beamed. He beamed. The world was a happy place. From a peeing perspective, it was smooth sailing for the rest of the day and the little guy went 8 for 8. We gave him a break and let him outside to stretch his legs. After 2 days of intensive potty training, he was very happy to get some fresh air.

But the lows, they are devastating, especially after such a successful day. Max is having a hard time getting to sleep tonight, and he tantrumed for almost an hour when we put him to bed. I thought we were finally in the clear, but he is up again, screaming, and it is breaking my heart. I checked on him to make sure he is okay, which he is. I put him in a dry pull-up, put him back in bed, and told him it is "time for sleep". Didn't work - he is still very upset, and there is nothing I can do except put my headphones on, take a deep breath, and try to focus on the high of going 8 for 8.


  1. Vanessa10:55 p.m.

    hang in there Kat, sounds like some really great progress is happening ...

  2. Thanks Vanessa. Definitely huge progress and I need to remember that we are asking a lot of the little guy right now. He is doing amazing and i need to keep my focus on that.

  3. Things will get better, my friend. They always do.

    I like the fact that Cam threw away her soother and didn't care where she put it. Made my day. :)

  4. He is doing amazing--and so are you.