Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wiggle Less Wednesday: Back to the Gym.

It was inevitable. I could put it off no longer. So once the kids went to bed, I strapped the sisters into my über sports bra, put on my workout gear, laced up my sneaks, and headed to the *gasp* gym. I've been thinking about it for a while, putting it off, finding excuses why I couldn't go (I'm tired, I had a long day, I don't want to), but the time had come.

I entered into the gym, punched in my client number into the keypad and my picture came up with a bit "ALERT" warning in red, with a picture of a red stoplight. Wow. I knew it had been a while since I'd been there, but COME ON! That is completely unnecessary humiliation. Geez...way to make a girl feel self-conscious! Turns out there is something messed up with the billing and I'll need to sort that out with the gym manager tomorrow. I talked the girl at the front desk into letting me workout anyway by telling her "you have no idea what it took for me to drag my ass in here". She looked at me, seeing that I clearly needed to be there, and let me enter.

I kept it pretty low key tonight. I did a half hour of cardio (walking on an incline and a fairly bright clip and the elliptical machine to work on my booty).  I want to hit the gym 3 to 4 times a week, and I know I need to ease myself into it.  I got home, feeling pleased with myself, and more relaxed than I've felt in a while. I'm hoping that some regular exercise will help me sleep better, clear my head and get me toned up. As promised, I'm going to do my best to stay off the scale and judge my progress solely based on how my jeans fit and how I feel. We'll see how long I can resist!


  1. aaaaaaaaaaa spandex! My mom had Jane Fonda tapes. I think about them now and it seems almost like soft porn.

    Way to go.

  2. Good for you. My March attempt has backfired horrendously with an incredible weight gain - I didn't know I could gain so much in only 4 months! Anyway ... a plan is underway so fingers are crossed. Thanks for reminding me to keep at it!

  3. Anonymous6:40 a.m.

    The 20 min workout shot made me laugh. I need some serious workout time myself- physically I feel so worn out. Neglecting myself like I do can't be good. You know how taking care of two kids (one of which is on the spectrum) is draining. But no more excuses. After our holidays I'm going to look into joining a gym again. Keep us posted on the workout front. I need the inspiration.

  4. LOL at the soft porn comment!! Gotta love the spandex and leggings! Good for you for getting back into it. I would have been heading home as soon as the alert popped up!

  5. It's so much harder to get into the habit of exercising than it is to quit. lol. :)