Friday, February 09, 2007

Less Bounce by the Ounce.

As a big busted woman I have traveled far and wide looking for a bra that will hold "the girls" up and in while working out. Thanks to my readers, I have found the holy grail of sports bras. Behold.

I think that as a woman with a large chest, (meaning one you did not pay for), it is something you get used to and grow to tolerate. You even learn to ignore the leers, snickers and sidelong glances you receive should you wear something even vaguely revealing. I deal with it by poking fun at myself, much to the dismay of my personal trainer Paul, who I more than likely mortify and embarrass several times during each of our workout sessions.



  1. Anonymous2:33 p.m.

    I love your blog! You're such an awesome writer.

    Okay - I'm a fellow nursing mom with mammoth-sized boobs. I'm definitely looking into the Enell bra...but how did you figure out your size before you bought them off eBay?


  2. Hi Holly,

    Thanks for the support and kind words :-) It is great to get feedback like yours. I went to and checked out their sizing chart. I am a size 2 according to my measurements, and the bra fits perfect. Hope that helps!

  3. Girl - you will NOT be excused for having Kanye Phase 2 on your iPod.

    Everything else is okay.

    LMAO @ "Hot Spot"! I have Foxy Brown nowhere on the pod. No wait, she's on that song with Case and Mary J!

  4. Anonymous1:47 p.m.

    You look FAN-tastic! You work it, girl!
    I totally can't relate to your boob woes, but I'll take your word for it ;) (Maybe I should have a baby just to see what it's like to actually have cleavage! Haha!)

    Anyway, Justin Timberlake, not so much ...

    Missy Elliott & Gnarls Barkley, thumbs up!