Friday, February 16, 2007

The Secret to Pushing Through the Plateaus.

Either my bathroom scale is lying to me, or it thinks that telling me I haven't lost any weight this past week is some kind of a hilarious joke. Since I'm told it is impossible for an inanimate object to have it in for me, I have to assume that I have hit the dreaded plateau (gasp!).

Paul warned me it would happen. At our first meeting he said "the first three to four weeks, the weight is going to come off fairly easily. Then around week 4 you will hit a plateau and we'll have to switch things up so you keep losing weight". Just like clockwork, at week 4, my weight loss came to a grinding halt. I'm not going to lie; I was very upset as I looked at the number staring up at me from between my much-in-need-of-a-pedicure toes. I may have even uttered some non-baby friendly words under my breath...and shook my fist at the wall...but that is all I will admit to.


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