Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Baby Max Update.

The last few months have been BUSY. This kid is crawling, cruising, climbing and pretty much all over the place. Accompanying this are bruises, a few tears, and huge smiles. I need to post a more detailed update, but to start I thought I'd throw some pics up there to make everyone happy. Funniest thing about Max right now is when he laughs. Seems like there are a few key words that make him dissolve into giggles: "Where's Mommy?", "Stinky feet!", "Who's the baby?", and as of last night, "ssssssssssssslurp!". Hilarious, I know


  1. Anonymous5:56 p.m.

    Dear KC,
    Just a little Valentine here to a fabulous mommy. Doesn't take much to see that Max is a lucky, extremely well-cared-for, thriving little boy. As a teacher, I often wish all of my students came from homes like yours. So Happy Valentines Day, you awesome Mom/Athlete/Writer/Singer/Hottie. You are definitely doing something right.

  2. Anonymous3:23 a.m.


    I can't believe how much Max has grown! It seems like yesterday you were posting his newborn pictures. He's such a cutie! And from the pictures you've posted of yourself, he's the spitting image of you.

    Of course, I'm thinking ahead to my little baby..being as big as your Max by the end of this year. Amazing. I need to enjoy every moment, no matter how exhausting things seem.