Friday, September 03, 2010

sleeping beauties.

In so many ways, Max and Cam have typical sibling relationship. Cam wants to do everything Max does. Max often finds this incredibly irritating. Sometimes he tolerates it. Even better, the times that he smiles and laughs and interacts with her are increasing.  We are now going through a stage where Cam is the aggressor, being quite pushy and vocal with Max.  Instead of striking out at her he usually laughs and backs up so that she can't reach him.  This is much better than the human whack-a-mole stage. 

The funny thing about this picture is that Max is the only one sleeping.  Cam climbed up into bed with him and decided she too should sleep (since that is what her big bro is doing).  She opened her eyes every few seconds to see if he was awake yet.  When she saw me with my camera she smiled and closed her eyes so I could get my shot.  I think this is the beginning of a life long friendship, and it makes my heart sing.

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