Tuesday, September 28, 2010

live long and prosper: part two.

The wedding march really speaks for itself.  All kinds of awesome.  To fully understand just how nerdy Gordon is, you need to read the engagement story on Cathy's blog.

But Cathy really was a beautiful bride, so let's ooh and aah at her as she walks down the aisle with her folks.
The officiant was certainly a fun lady...uh...not much more to say on that front...Gordon's little brother (aka "Little G") was the best man and Cathy's sister Jen was the maid of honour.  
As you can see from Gordon's jacket, it was a windy day.  Actually, it rained all afternoon, so they were blessed by mother nature that the weather cleared up so they could have their wedding outside.
Comments from the peanut gallery distracting Gordon (who am I kidding, it was probably Scott).
The ceremony was short and sweet and full of love and gooeyness, just as it should be.
Then they signed the paperwork and made it all legit.  There was a lot of standing and picture taking.  A lot.
Hips don't lie.  Gordon's a LUCKY guy.
While the wedding party and family took pictures, we all trekked back to room eleven (Scott and my room) to get our drink on.  Can you tell Stephanie isn't wearing a slip?  I know, I'm scandalized too.
Craig and Raye look pretty good when they're sober.  And I'm a decent photographer when I'm sober too.  You'll notice that the pictures get fuzzier as the evening goes on.
Scott and Shane (friends since they were in grade school).  The only reason they see each other now is because Stephanie and I are friends.  It's always the ladies who hold these friendships together I tell ya!
Me and Shane, who look like we are the parents of his kids and Max.  That's the joke anyway.  Absolutely zero truth to it, but it's fun to kid about.
The real photographer Anita and her hubby Gregor.  Funny enough, Anita is the one who introduced Scott and me way back when, and she is the ever patient photographer who has shot our Christmas cards for the past 4 years.
The buxom and beautiful Tanya - this one's for you Dave! Wish you had been here!
Never met this fella in my life, but his name is Mike and he has a talent for growing mad cool facial hair.  The lady on the right is Laura.  No idea how I even remember that.
All the tables were named after planets from the Star Wars universe.  NERDS!
I wanted to get another picture of Tanya from an aerial view.  Scott jumped into the frame.  I was making a total ass of myself by standing on my chair in the middle of the dining room.
While I was up there I snapped a pic of Shane, Josh and Theresa.  Josh clearly thinks I'm super entertaining (or nuts).
That's Sarah in the background, and Heather, smiling at me.  I caught her trying to take a picture of me so I took one of her first.  Heather was married on the same day as Scott and me.  Cathy went to her wedding instead of ours.  I'm not bitter.
The speeches were funny and sincere and full of inside and outside jokes.  What I'll say about Cathy's family is that I have known most of them as long as I've known Cathy because they are a really big part of her life.  The phrase "salt of the earth" comes to mind, and isn't even cliche in this instance.  Also, Cathy's mom is a stone cold fox.
Adding to the nerdiness, there was a vulcan salute en mass.  I may have participated (mob behaviour).
The ladies escaped to the restroom to pee and talk and be silly.  Something about multiple toilets in one room makes girls bond.  No idea why that is, but it seems consistent no matter where or who I'm with.  
Evelyn, Stephanie, Theresa, and moi.
Of course there was dancing.  But the party really deserves it's own post, so you gotta wait!  

Part 3 tomorrow!!


  1. Wow! That is a lovely pic of craig and me. Thanks for having one without my drunk eyes. They were in full force from about this point on! Loving you blogs about the wedding. So great since I've actually been too sick this week to even download my pics ( or unpack for that matter!)

  2. There are lots of great pics of you guys. I'll email them to you. :-)

  3. Anonymous10:31 p.m.

    Beautiful! Well done - and very funny. What a great time - I didn't stop smiling the entire stay! Theresa