Monday, September 27, 2010

visit from cousin zevi.

My brother David and his family are moving to Washington state at the end of this week. Since it will probably be a while before we get to see them again, and because Zevi and Cameron got along like a house afire the last time they visited, David brought Zevi up for one last visit.  It was awesome.  My kids totally ignored their cousin.  They were complete jerks.  Zevi was all "Hey cuz! What's up?! Long time no see - you're looking great! How's the fam?".  They turned their backs on him and played on the swings.  Oh yeah, and Cam decided to try on her new snow pants from Grandma.
They haven't played in their house in weeks, and have never tolerated being in there together.  Add cousin Zevi to the mix, and kablam! - they are best buds and it's Carefoot Crew United 4EVAH! Poor Zevi.  It really did take them a while to warm up to him.
Zevi finally gave up on my his mean ol' cousins and went off to play by himself (proud moment for his Aunt Katrina).  
Cam decided that since he was gone she could open up the windows and play peek-a-boo with me.  I suggested that she come out and play with Zevi and she promptly retreated into the house, slamming the shutters on me. 
Zevi tested out the back nine and got some nice momentum running down the slope from the fence to the swings.  Max and Cam had recommenced play on the swings and were still less than welcoming to their cousin.
Zevi was all "Fine, be like that, I'm going to test out all of your awesome equipment.  I don't need you anyway".  I cheered him on - to heck with my kids! 
I got Zevi to come and get his picture taken with me.  And yeah, I know I look like hell (result of partying hard all weekend at Cathy and Gordon's wedding).  
Cameron decided that she wasn't down with sharing her mommy with her cousin Zevi and she better get in on the action.  Score one for mommy!

Cam and Zevi quickly rekindled their deep bond and hopped into the sandbox together.  When I tried to interject they looked at me suspiciously (adults are not to be trusted).  
I finally managed to coax a smile out of them.  Turns out I'm not so bad after all.

Later on, the fellas watched the Cowboys-Texans game.  It became clear that Coach Phillips would live to see another game. 
Sadly, David and Zevi had to hit to road and head on home to get ready for the big move. David left Zevi's potty in our front hall to remember them by. I have a feeling Zevi will miss that potty...but it sure was a thoughtful parting gift!


  1. cute kids obviously run in the family! zevi is adorable.

  2. it's true! though, technically no shared genes in this branch of the family tree. Lot's of love though - and isn't that where all things beautiful come from anyway?

  3. Anonymous9:47 p.m.

    this was really effing cute and hilarious. Loved it!

  4. Anonymous12:24 a.m.

    When did David grow a beard?

  5. No idea...he was pretty scruffy though!