Saturday, September 04, 2010

moda arcadia jelly roll quilt.

It's been a while since I wrote about quilting. My latest project (a now belated birthday present for my friend Jennifer) is taking a long time to complete.  In theory it should be a quick quilt to whip up because it's a moda jelly roll.  The cutting and piecing were done within a couple of days of manic quilting.  If I had machine quilted this Jennifer would have it by now.  Alas, I decided to make it really special and hand quilt it (foolish, foolish girl).
Had I known just how long this endeavor would take me I think I would have sent it off to be long arm quilted by Cindie at Regalitos.  I'm about half way done at this point, so I'll soldier on and try to get it done before it turns into a Christmas present! 
Instead of following a set quilting pattern, I'm outlining the fabric.  I'm using two different thread colours - brown and blue (alternating blocks).  It looks amazing and it really is the best work I've done on any quilt. 
Each time I complete a square I breathe a sigh of relief, sit back and admire my work and take a week off before I can muster up the energy to get started on the next one.
Did I mention that I've got three quilts ready to be pieced together once I get this one quilted? I do, and the fabric is calling out to me - "cut me, pin me, sew me, iron me, pin me, sew me...".
To keep myself motivated, I am resisting commencement of any new quilting projects until this one is complete. (This is really hard for me!)
Okay, better get back to it!  I'm hoping to feature this finished version of this quilt before the end of October.  Maybe November (but definitely before Christmas!).


  1. Anonymous6:12 p.m.

    That Jen is a lucky friend!

  2. she is if I ever get it done ;-)

  3. I. Love. That. Quilt.

  4. I'm lucky anyway! Having someone even start making a quilt for you means they like you a lot.

  5. Oh.My.WORD that is beautiful! Im pretty sure only a quilter would really understand the time, diligence, and cross-eyedness going into quilting that! I enjoy artistically quilting free-motion on my machine. And now I'm thinking I want to make a quilt and free-motion quilt it to the lines of the fabric like this!!(Im an artist, I don't play by rules haha) which would take a long time but I admit that i'd never in a MILLION years even begin to THINK about tackling that kind of quilting by hand! Nice job. I just happened upon this looking for quilting inspiration and I just got some so THANKS! :)Love the fabric and colors too by the way! (Do you remember who it was by? I might try to find some)

  6. Annnnd I just realized the fabric line is in the title! One of those days :)

  7. I agree - foolish girl for attempting to hand quilt this for your friend. Not for the faint of heart that is for sure. Never mind that.....the hand quilting outlining the features of the fabric looks just beautiful. I do hope you live long enough to complete this beauty. LOL! Post a photo when you do.