Tuesday, September 14, 2010

tmi tuesday: five lists of five.

First things first, I stole this from schmutzie.

Things That I Don't Do Anymore:
1. Mud wrestle.
2. Take long luxurious baths until my fingers prune up and the water gets cold (post mud wrestling).
3. Lift my skirt up over my head so the world can see my underwear (at least not in public).
4. Go to the bathroom without having an ongoing dialogue about what the outcome will be (and how awesome I am for doing whatever it is I'm doing in the potty).
5. Scream “NO” every time I don’t like something and throw myself on the floor (tempting!).

The Most Disgusting Things I Ever Ate:
1. Pistachio pudding (see "no hard things in soft things manifesto")
2. Mayonnaise (call it miracle whip or whatever you want, the shit is disgusting)
3. Clamato (clam juice mixed with tomato juice…super yuck and a Canadian invention to boot!)
4. Turkish “Delight” (I blame Lulu)
5. “Tea” Scott made for me one morning where he mistakenly poured coffee over the tea bag, dumped the coffee out and then poured water in the same cup (using the coffee soaked teabag!)

Favourite Words With Double Vowels In Them Such As AA, OO, or UU:

Things Which Are Clear Indications That Your Boss Is a Freak and You Should Seek New Employment:
1. You fantasize about dumping your coffee in her lap. A lot.
2. Your boss comes to work with the security tag attached to her new suit jacket and asks you to take it back to the store and have the tag removed – with no receipt (this really happened).
3. Your boss asks you to write “thanks but no thanks” letters to all of the nannies she interviewed for her kids and then sign and mail them for her (same boss as #2).
4. Your boss informs you that when you are eventually let go, they will use the money they are saving by not paying you to buy new office equipment (this happened to Scott by a very well known direct marketer).
5. Your boss openly mocks employees for being upset that a team member has been laid off because the person “only” worked in Q&A and who really cares anyway (this happened to me by another well known direct marketer).

People of the Internet Who Never Fail to Make Me Feel Good:
Julie Cole
Natalie Dee
Allie Brosh
Deb Rox
Jenny Lawson


  1. Loved the post, so I stole it and made it my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. lol - np - I stole it too! And your post was way funnier than mine!!