Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Max's 1st Day of Junior Kindergarten.

Today is Max’s first day of junior kindergarten and I am FREAKING OUT.  I haven’t slept well the last two nights.  I mean, I think I am "acting" calm, cool and collected...but inside I am FREAKING OUT.  Can you do both? 

In actuality, today is not really Max’s first full day of jk.  We are only meeting for a half hour with his teacher (conveniently timed smack dab in the middle of the day = me taking a vacation day).  His resource consultant will also be there.  It’s basically a meeting for the teacher to meet Max, find out a bit about him, give him a chance to get familiar with her, and for me to FREAK OUT.

Max will have a dedicated EA (educational assistant) whenever he is at school (which will only be in the mornings), so I’m hoping that I get to meet the two people that will be working with Max.  I’m sure it will all be fine, right?  So much work has been put in to get to this day.  Not just working with the school board to get Max into a school where he could have a real jk experience that will work from a scheduling perspective with his IBI program.  I'm talking about years of work.  Years of music and speech and occupational and behaviour therapy.  And day camps, daycares (good and bad), toilet training (still in progress) and practicing coping with different settings and situations. I was there for all of it, or I had some form of control regarding who would be in contact with Max.  This is different.  I’m giving up some of my control.  I’m having to trust other people with Max’s care.  And I’m FREAKING OUT. 

I hope I manage to come off like a nice, stable, balanced mom today.  I’m told I usually show well so it will probably be okay.  But really, I’m FREAKING OUT.  Good thing Max's new teacher reads my blog, eh?


  1. Good luck to you and to Max! I am in the same situation as you. Ben just had his intake meeting with his teacher (and EA) on Friday where we found out that the EA will be dedicated to him and not just part-time as originally thought. Hurray! Like you, all of the supports we have in place for Ben have been leading to this day. I am freaking out, preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best. My good thoughts are with you!!

  2. I was at the parents meeting of the co-op nursery school where I will be accompanying khaled because in toronto they dont give you a worker for private JK and i havent been able to find someone who is good yet....

    Then I came home and had a panic attack, and khaled was so scared, he sat himself between two bean bags and shut his eyes. Poor kid.

  3. Keep us posted!! You'll all get through it and kick JK's butt!