Thursday, September 23, 2010

Live Blog: Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere

Oh yeah...I forgot about the bloodbath thing....

Oh cool, let's just skip past the blood bath know, we're all good.  Man, McDreamy has AGED over the summer.  And Meredith is PISSED that she hasn't been cleared for surgery.  Pissed is not a good look on her.  Oh yeah, and Chief Webber is back - about damn time.

I can already tell I'm going to need a vodka and soda to get through this episode.  Make it a double...

Yang and the redhead are getting hitched.  Cool beans.

Awh - big koom-by-yah circle of fucked up surgeons.  Weee....littlegrey needs to shut up already.

Red wants to bond with McDreamy because now they're both going to be married to the "twisted sisters".  Nice.

Awh, there's Bailey - reliving the worst day of her life.  Man - do you remember how creepy it was when she got dragged out from under that bed?  Wowsers.  It was so bad that she ditched that fine hot man and headed for the hills.  That's messed up.

McDreamy talks about snapping some kid's face in half and the mom is not stoked.  Meredith tells the mom all of the possible side effects of the surgery.  No good... McDreamy doesn't like her raining on his parade.

--Commercial! Where's that drink??--

Our favourite surgical asshole is back to being a super duper asshole.  Quel surprise.  Nice...talking about getting tail.  He's a crass ass.  "I've had too much crazy for one life time." I'll give him that.

McSteamy is mad that lilgrey gets to operate.  Therapist thinks she is okeedokee to start cutting.

Red and his bffthwtf (bff that he wants to fuck) are operating together and they are cool.  ummm...

docs commiserate in the basement about how they should all be dead.  Karev gets cleared.  Now it's only Yang and Meredith that don't get to cut.

Bailey is back and clearly not okay.  She starts ordering everyone around pronto and all is right with the world.  Bowel impaction.  Hot.

McSteamy gets head shrunk because he "quit his job".  He relives getting shot...heavy.  His new motto is "think less and just do".  I could get with that.

The hall monitor surgeon apologizes for getting McDreamy shot.  He's having none of it.  He blames himself.  Now he's in fancy SUV driving like a maniac to hip hop music.  Right...holy shit - we're at the half way point already?  Nothing has happened.  I am underwhelmed.  Where's that drink?

Oh snap! the therapist is getting jiggy with Teddy!  Meredith is not a happy camper.  She wants to cut.  And she wants to cut now.  Therapist doesn't think she is being honest, so she is basically screwed.

Flashback - Meredith has her feet in the stirrups.  Oh right...she had a miscarriage.  Sad face.  Yeah, she is not okay.  And she never told McDreamy?  That's not healthy.

Hot Paediatrician Lesbian confides in Teddy about not wanting her girlfriend to propose to her.

Webber tells McDreamy he is large and in charge.  He questions McDreamy on whether or not he is ready to cut.  McDreamy says "HELL YEAH!!"

Poor kid.  I hope McDreamy doesn't snap his face in half.  That would suck.  That buzz saw sounds gross.  Makes me want to wretch.  Good thing I'm not in the operating room. I'd be a horrible surgeon.  Everyone sits in the observation deck and looks blown away.

There's the tumour.  Meredith freaks out and drags Yang out of the observation room.  Meredith tries to talk Yang out of marrying the redhead.  Whoa...Meredith and Yang are soul mates.  I never knew.  Yang thinks Meredith needs to spill the beans to McSteamy about the in the background goes "rain down, rain down on me"....deep.

--commercial!! I really should get off my ass and go get that drink...--

Man, I hope The Practice isn't a drag.  That midwife died and all, but they have got to get back into the swing of things.

And we're back.  Yang is getting shrunk.  She is not playing ball.  She peruses her bridal mag.  She's nuts.  Or, to quote her "you're either born simple or you're born me".  She is not okay with having had a gun held to her head while operating.  Understandable really.

Flashback to her acting like a weirdo and the red head coming over to hang out.  I've always had a thing for red heads... he promises to never go anywhere.  Definite marriage material.  Oh...there's the ring.  Smart guy - get her while she's down.

Bailey is leaving the building and THERE IS HER HOT MANS!!  He feels bad because while she had her hand in her dying intern's chest, getting covered with blood, her main man was playing golf.  She goes into that "you are a good man" bit...apparently he's perfect and she is busy holding herself together with tape and glue and she can't forgive him for golfing while she almost died.  So then they could both be screwed up.  She just needs to be quiet and go home with him.  He's hot stuff.  I'd let him make me feel better if I were here.

Hot doc decides "this shit ain't worth it" and heads for the hills.  Awh...poor Bailey.  I don't think she really wanted that.  But now they get to have hot makeup sex later in the season.

OH SNAP! McDreamy wants to make a baby and Meredith is like "whoa!!".

Kid with his face snapped in half is freaking out.  I would too!!  His face is messed UP!  Apparently what he is experiencing is not a dying's a healing pain...a living pain.  DUDE!  Give the kid some morphine and shut your mouth! Two seconds ago you were trying to get down with your lady in storage closet! wtf do you know how he's feeling?

Wait...what is Meredith doing in jail?'s McDreamy in jail?  What did I miss?  Now lilgrey and Karev are acting all weird.  He's a dog.

Crazy eyes, tight dress.  Uhh...

McSteamy is drowning his sorrows with George's ex...can't remember her name.  She asks the hot blonde paed to move in with her.  She's all "uh...yes, I'll move in to that place I already live in anyway".

Meredith tells the redhead that McDreamy isn't coming and can someone else do the bestman thing? Meredith goes to check on Yang who gives her some lip about Meredith's stupid post-it wedding (which in truth, was kind of lame).  Yang wants to know what's up with red, Meredith sez "he's perfect".

YO! What is UP with Yang's hair?  It looks like a matted up skunk curled up on her head.  Unfortunate.

I forgot how annoying the outro narrative is with Meredith waxing all deep and poetic about life.  Sheesh.  She needs to shut it. did McDreamy end up in jail again?  Or am I just making that up?

Yang seals the deal.  I hope he doesn't go all warzone crazy on her and strangle her in her sleep again.

And, we're out.  Preview of next week...gets cut off by ABC.  Jerks.


  1. I was screaming at the tv the entire time. So disappointed in Bailey and Derek

  2. Yeah, that NEVER would have happened in real life. No woman is that messed in the head to turn down that fine piece of ass of a man. I wouldn't have cared if he was figure skating while I got shot at, I'd have him back in my bed in a hot second.

  3. Ditto to that. You think he's gone for good? I mean how many seasons did it take for that girl to actually get some? And then to let it go. Completely unrealistic.
    When will Meredith stop crying? Keith to this day refuses to call the show what it is called, to him it will always be 'Crying girl'. Nuff said.