Friday, September 17, 2010

litterless lunch.

Friday night is always met with a sigh of relief by me, and probably not for the reasons you think.  Sure, not having to get up at 6a.m. and hustle everyone out the door to do multiple kiddo drop-offs and then get myself to work is a nice.  But what I'm really happy about is that I don't have to make Max's lunch and snacks for the next morning.  As you can see, Max is a kid who can eat.  Gone are the days of a pb sandwich, apple, carton of milk and a chocolate chip cookie.  This kid loves fruit, vegetables, salty snacks and milk.  Add to that he has a nutrition break, lunch, and a snack in the afternoon that all need to be provided for and I have my work cut out for me.  Today alone I sent him to school with blueberries, pineapple, watermelon, celery, tomatoes, a ham sandwich, chips, cheese rice cakes, 2 cheese sticks, and 2 containers of milk.  It's no wonder he has two lunch boxes (each with their own freezer pack).  And it gets better.

Max's school is super green.  They have an Eco Team.  Trash bins are hard to find.  Every room has tonnes of recycling and compost bins.  And best of all, parents are told to send their children with a "litterless" lunch.  I think this is terrific.  I don't mind using reusable containers for Max's lunch.  I will admit that it feels a little ridiculous though, when I'm removing cheese sticks from their wrappers and putting them in a container just so it can appear that we are truly "litterless".  There is also the matter of needing to label every lid and container bottom to ensure that what Max is sent to school with is returned home at the end of the day.  You all know that I'm an honourary Mabel's girl at heart, so it shouldn't surprise you to see Max's name clear as day on everything that he leaves the house with.  My only hope out of all of this is that Mabel's Labels is getting mad business out of all these new programs that are attempting to put the folks at ziplock out of business (and no I'm not getting paid to write this post).  I just dig their stuff!

The silver lining is that Monday is the beginning of the milk program at Max's school, so I will have one less thing to pack!  Gotta take joy in the small things, right?


  1. Anonymous3:33 p.m.

    Wow, would you pack my lunch?


  2. Caroline4:11 p.m.

    OMG, this is what? week three? And you're already sick of packing lunches? You have got a LOTTA lunch packing ahead of you, girl! With Fae, my youngest kid, I started right in JK with showing her how to pack her lunck, and by grade two she was completely doing it, without meeding me to check it or anything. Just a tip.....

  3. Is that all for half a day?

  4. @mb - you bet!

    @Caroline - if I let him make his lunch there will be nothing in my fridge ;-)

    @Stranded - that's for the full day - morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack. I never know on any given day what he'll eat so I just put a bunch of stuff in and see what comes home.

  5. impressive Max! He is a big guy.

  6. Oh. My. Goodness.

    I hate making the kids lunches but I will no longer complain about it. I see how lucky I am to only have to pack 1 lunch per child!

    Our lunches are labeled much like yours! Yay Mabel's!

  7. My oldest is in half day JK. That picture makes me fearful for grade one :) That's a lot of work!