Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wrinkles and zits bite the big weenie.

One of my favourite things about being in my mid-thirties, is that not only am I starting to get wrinkles, but I am somehow still managing to breakout. I know – I am super lucky – try not to be too jealous. The wrinkles I can chalk up to father time and the fact that I have spent too much time furrowing my brow lately. The zits? That’s just mother nature being a mean old bitch.
I figured that with all of the breakthroughs in medical science, surely there is a product that can help clear my face up. Also, as you know, a visit with my doctor is always a good time. I went in with my laundry list of questions (because I know he loves it when I try to squish 5 different problems into a 10 minute appointment). I pointed at the monster zit on my chin and said “wtf?! I’m too old for this shit! Fix it medicine man!”. He asked me what I was using on my face and I told him proactive and he said “pfft – that’s no good – you have a medical plan, I’ll hook you up with the good stuff”. And that’s why he is the best doctor ever.

I mentioned that my readers had requested a picture of him and he politely declined, which, you know, I understand (but I did have my camera at the ready in case he gave me the green light). Then we spent the next few minutes discussing which handsome actor I should substitute in his place when I blog about him and we agreed that the guy from Heroes carries a strong resemblance.  I forgot to ask him one of my questions because I was having too much fun.

I get to go back in a couple of weeks with Cameron for next set of shots and I’m already planning my outfit. Hopefully my skin will be looking better so I can be at my finest.


  1. HOLY CHIT batman, if this is an approximation, I'm booking a visit.

    On the skin tip, I stopped using a LOT of commercial products because of the sulphate content. I break out occasionally now due to hormones, but my skin has improved a million times over because I made a switch.

  2. Yeah, he's pretty fine lookin', I ain't gonna lie. Hair is a bit shorter though.

    Crossing my fingers that this new stuff does the trick!

  3. yummy. i feel ill ill ill. and in an oakville state of mind.

  4. I refuse to comment on Dr. Hunky, however, I have found the secret to avoiding wrinkles (and gray hair). At 44 I don't have a single wrinkle on my face and not one strand of gray hair on my head. My secret? Shaved head and my skin is stretched too tight to have wrinkles because I'm about 80 pounds over weight. Hope this helps.

  5. I just had a session on nutrition at the running room and the lady said that drinking milk causes acne. She said she takes her clients with acne off milk and it clears up their skin (after a couple of weeks). I haven't heard this before but if you drink milk maybe you want to try getting your dairy from something else:-) I'm very upset that your Dr. didn't want to be photographed! Sounds like a cutie:-)