Thursday, September 23, 2010

i heart my doxie scanner (a geeky review).

I ordered a doxie scanner back in mid-August (even though their website clearly stated that the scanner of my dreams was on back order and wouldn't ship until the second week of September).  Going with the "if it's sold out it must be good principle" I decided I must! have! this!.  Geeky, yes.  But I've never had a scanner (not even one of those old ones that is as big as a microwave).  And it's wee, fits in a laptop bag AND HAS BUTTON WITH A PINK <3 BUTTON ON IT!

The notification email that it had shipped came on September 4th (squee!! early!!).  It got to Canadian customs on the 12th (huh?).  Then it sat there for 10 whole days waiting to clear (wtf?).  I checked the shipping status every damn day until low and behold, the US Postal Service website said that my beloved scanner had finally been released from the clutches of whoever it is that sits on shipments at the border (come to think of it they were probably photocopying their asses and then scanning their photocopies with my sweet innocent virgin doxie).  Jerks!
Anyway, when I checked the mail today, there was a notice to come pick up a parcel.  That means one thing - time to pay to get my doxie out of hock.  $22.24 later, she was all mine.  Cam was pretty excited because the box had pink writing on it and a heart over the i.  I'm with her - love at first sight.
While Cam watched Beauty and the Beast, I hooked up my doxie, read the instructions and got to sweet beautiful scanning. The first thing I scanned? Two quilt patterns that I have now purchased twice because I misplaced them which made the fabric I had purchased completely useless. Now that they are scanned, I know I will never lose them again, because that is how things work. Then I scanned a picture of Scott from when he was the same age Cam is now (2.5 years old). When I showed Cam this picture and asked her who it was she said "Cami!". I guess we know which parent she takes after.  (Everybody together now - "awhhhhhh").

I am pleased to report that the doxie lives up to all the hype.  It is easy to use, produces top quality scans and is compact.  Also, for all those guys who are afraid their penises will fall off if they use a scanner that has hearts on it, not to worry - it comes with manly wood grained and zebra print stickers to cover up the ever so cute hearts

Note: I was not paid to write this post.  I am just a really big geek.  But man, if the folks at doxie wanted to say, give me one of these super duper scanners to give away on my site? I would TOTALLY be into that and I NEVER say that.  Lol.  I don't think they need any help from lil' ol' me.


  1. HOLY! Cam does look like Scott! My dad's mom couldn't tell the difference between a photo of my mother circa 1938 and me in 1973. I would have thought the fashion and the black and white photo would have been a dead giveaway.

    Have fun with the scanner. I so need to get one of those!

  2. Yes, she does look like scott, and yes you are SUCH a geek. I love it! Actually, she and Max are looking more and more alike too!

  3. @Scribe - it really is a great scanner...I highly recommend it!

    @Julie - my geekiness prevails always + I agree that she and Max are starting to look more alike!

  4. Vanessa7:08 p.m.

    Yup, Cam's definitely not the milk-man's kid.
    Har har :p

    (neither am I, I look exactly like my dad.)

  5. Caroline10:12 p.m.

    Funny, I think both of your kids look a lot like you at that (those) ages!

  6. @Vanessa - definitely NOT the milk-man's kid!

    @Caroline - I agree (but Scott won't hear of it). Lol. Time will tell.