Sunday, September 05, 2010

brother sister.

Max and Cameron appear to be getting much better at tolerating each other. I'd even go so far as to say that they are collaborating to take turns driving me nuts.  Forgive the pre-coffee/unglam version of myself you are seeing here.  That's my mom (Grandma) up in the top left corner.  She took this screen cap while we were chatting on skype this morning.  By the way - every time I open up my laptop now the kids think that their Grandma will magically appear on the screen - it's pretty cute.
Here you see Max and Cam lounging this morning on the couch in their pajamas.  Cam is eating a red pepper because she saw Max grab an entire green pepper out of the fridge and eat it.  Monkey see, monkey do (even when it comes to veggies).
And taken just moments ago - ball pit play (which was heavily supervised).  Cameron wanted to bury herself in the balls and Max wanted to dive on top of her and see if he could find a spare limb to take a bite out of.  Ah, siblings - can't live with each other yet stuck with each other all the same.

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