Monday, September 27, 2010

live long and prosper: part one.

Our friends Cathy and Gordon got married on Saturday up in the Kawarthas.  We were thrilled to be invited (especially since I'm fairly confident we didn't make the initial cut - yay for family members who decline wedding invites!).  Scott and I took the opportunity to be away from our children quite seriously and decided that we would not just go away for one night, but we would stretch it out and go for two.  We haven't been away together, without kids, for more than 24 hours since before Max was born.
with the help of this tub, I have finally convinced Scott that we need a tub with jets!
Unfamiliar with the term "cottage traffic", we decided to wait until mid afternoon to leave.  It should have been a 3 hour drive.  It was much, much longer.  When we got there we checked into our room, started up happy hour (late) and relaxed before heading out to find our friends.  Oh yeah - one of the other perks of staying for 2 nights is that you get a room with a tub that looks like this (it had jets!!):
Me and Cathy.
The other great part about coming up a night early is that we actually got to speak with the bride and groom, which was cool, because on the actual wedding day there isn't usually any time for that.  We also got to make use of that tub, which besides the actual wedding, was one of the best parts of the weekend (take from that what you will).
Gordon and me.  I approve of a man with a big forehead.
We retired to our room early (I've always wanted to say that...) and soaked in the quiet (kid free), evening and watched the first 2 episodes of season one of "The Big Bang Theory".  I can't believe it has taken me this long to watch this show.  Of course, Scott and I being super geeky loved it.  Also, one of the main characters has Aspergers, so we could relate.

The next morning we joined the bride-to-be for breakfast (another perk of coming early).  I asked her if she still wanted to do it and she confirmed that yes, things we still a "go".  And then she said the cutest thing ever which was that she felt like her whole body was vibrating, she was so nervous and excited and full of butterflies.  I remember that...or maybe I was just busy flipping off the unhelpful staff at Kelso Conservatory who told us we couldn't park where we had been told to park.  Huh.

Gordon confirmed that he was also a "go", while his dad gesticulated about something very important (or maybe he was doing a magic trick?).

Then I took this shmoopy picture of them and we all said "Awwwwwwwwhhhh!".
But really, this one was WAY better:
This is the type of silly stuff you do before you get married.
I also can't forget a very important person in my life (for this weekend, anyway), the lady with the coffee - aka "Cheryl".  She was my bff, especially when her coffee pot was full.  Only problem was she did that top up thing, that totally throws off the cream and sugar to coffee ratio, and then you are either drinking coffee that is bitter and gross or you overcompensate and it is sickly sweet.  A real problem if you ask me.
Needs some work on the whole "coffee top up" etiquette.
Oh yeah, this was the view from the restaurant.  Scott said looking at it made him miss his plasma tv. 
After breakfast, we relaxed, while everyone who was actually "in" the wedding rushed around looking important.  We decided it was more fun to just be a regular old guest than to have to do all that fancy stuff.  Also, I had wisely forgotten some of my medication at home so we needed to make a trip into Buckhorn to get my prescription filled.  I really liked their pharmacy - especially their front sign which stated "Helping you feel better all over".  My kind of place.
You had me at "Helping you feel better all over".
Then we looked for the crappiest looking restaurant in town and quel surprise, it was the pizza joint! Turns out their pizza is pretty good.  They don't have a website though (I know, I was shocked too).

Not be missed (but certainly not sought out) is "Bucky's" - one of many gifty type shops in Buckhorn boasting "a lil' bit of this and that" (which means kitchy tourist crap and second hand books and movies).  I was somehow able to resist the bookends adorned with moose horns.  It was hard.
We got back to the hotel and lo and behold, we saw Cathy on the front deck with her wedding makeup done.  We told her she looked great and she yelled back "I look like a whore!!".  Her mom (who was standing a few feet away from her) was not too impressed.  A lesson for all the ladies: no matter how old you get, you're mom is never going to approve of you referring to yourself as a whore.

To be continued... 
part 2 - the ceremony
part 3 - the party in room 11
part 4 - the reception

Needless to say, it was an EPIC event!


  1. We have been quite addicted to Big Bang lately too! It's hilarious!

  2. Anonymous12:11 a.m.

    Sounds like it was a hoot!


  3. Anonymous7:14 a.m.

    "I look like a whore!"

    My kind of bride. Soooo glad you guys had fun!

    A. xo

  4. it was a total blast!

  5. Anonymous9:32 a.m.

    "I look like a floozy" would have gone over better with my Mom. ;)

  6. Anonymous10:40 a.m.

    Picture this: just minutes before her wedding, my daughter (in long white gown and veil) with arm raised high above her head, gave the groundskeepers the one finger salute.


  7. hey man, they were being assholes.

    and it was MY day.

  8. Vanessa3:44 p.m.

    When my uncle was coaching me whilst getting head-shots done by his photographer friend, he said to apply my make-up like "a whore, but somebody's daughter". Only gay uncles can get away with that shit!

    I love the groundskeeper story! Hahaha! See, my family way WAY underestimated the time it would take to drive up there, so I'm very sorry I missed that moment, and the first half of the ceremony :(

    And yeah, Big Bang Theory is freaking HILARIOUS. I almost got gut cramps from laughing at this season's premier.

  9. @Vanessa - that's my mantra every morning. I'll be sure to flip someone off in front of you next time we're together. I won't lie, it's pretty great.