Thursday, September 30, 2010

live long and prosper: part three.

This is where things start to get fuzzy for me. Did I mention that our table polished off more wine during dinner than the rest of the guests combined?  I'm pretty sure at some point we got cut off, but it wasn't until after we were all feeling mighty tipsy. 

According to the sequence I took photos in, the next thing that happened was that Cathy got up and made a lovely speech about how she met Gordon.  I believe it involved a work function, and his friends scoping her out for months in advance, and that when he finally asked her to go out with him, she said something to the effect of "sure, you can get my email address of the company website".  Cold.  But hey, it all worked out.
And then, there was dancing.  Heather and I were finally reunited and I took a picture of us...well, most of us - somehow I didn't make it all the way into the shot.
At this point, I think I was rather intoxicated.  That's my excuse anyway.  Cathy was on the phone with someone who probably wasn't at the wedding, and I took advantage of the situation by grabbing her boobs.  I'm happy to report that they are 100% real.  And they're spectacular.
I proceeded to make an ass of myself with assorted friends and strangers.  Here you see me and Anita.
Me with Gordon's dad and little brother (still drunk):
And finally, the couple had their first dance.  It didn't last long.
Instead of treating us to a waltz, they broke out their lightsabres and had a duel. The question is, who represents Luke Skywalker and who represents Darth Vader?
Everybody together now: "NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERDS!"
Cathy, clearly the winner of the lightsabre duel, celebrated her dominance over Gordon by getting down.
Not one to let our friend dance alone, we all joined in.  That's Steve, doing the "white man shuffle".
Sarah, me and Cathy shaking our money makers.
Anita and Tanya making a Cathy sandwich.
Gordon enjoyed himself and Cathy indulged him. Hope he doesn't get used to that.
I believe at this point, everyone was in a circle kicking their legs up and singing a song that included the lyric "time of our lives....".  No idea what the song was but man that was fun.
Heather, Matt, Jen and Will staying close to the "refreshments".  I love men in purple.  Hot.
More dancing.  I believe Cathy is wisely drinking water.  Smart bride!  Look at Gordon's smooth moves.
I don't know this guy's name, but I believe that move was retired when we were all teenagers.
Same with this guy.  No comment on his boogy down style. He was having a good time, and what else really matters?
And then, the part of the evening I had been waiting for....the cake! Cathy TOTALLY smushed it on Gordon's nose.  Gordon, (wisely), did not reciprocate.  But somehow, cake did end up on Cathy's dress.  Bound to happen when you wear white from top to bottom, eh? 
Sadly, this is where the pictures ended.  As Scott put it, after I finished my cake, "I slunk the f*ck out".  He found me mere minutes later, asleep (passed out) in our bed.  This did not stop him from inviting everyone back to our room to continue partying.  Alas, nobody took him up on it and he fell asleep in his underwear on the love seat, flat on his back with his feet resting on the window air conditioning unit.  A sign that a good time was had by all for sure.

Part 4 - the morning come! With video! 

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