Thursday, March 18, 2010

On a Roll.

Like any good quilter, I'm already starting my next project before I've finished my last one. (I'm just about done my Crazy Quilt - the top is done and I need to buckle down and finish it off). Once it is complete I'll take a bunch of pictures so you can see where I ended up with it. I think it is my best quilt yet.

Anyway, onto my next project - my first ever Jelly Roll Quilt. I will admit ignorance to the entire Jelly Roll phenomenon. I've seen plenty of rolls in quilt shops, but never thought much of them or understood what they were for. Turns out, they are not only a bargain (this one was $60 and has enough fabric for an entire quilt top crammed in there) but they are super easy since the majority of your cutting is already done. Linda, the owner of my new favourite place, The Oakville Sewing Centre helped me pick out my sashing (the brown fabric in the photo) and helped me find a book of Jelly Roll patterns. I picked a fairly modern pattern called "Gi Gi Girl" which will be different than anything I've done before.

I plan on getting started tomorrow, and I think this will be a quilt that comes together quickly. It will be a good diversion when I need a break from finishing up the Crazy Quilt (I hate the actual quilting/finishing part - I'm all about sewing the top together). All this quilting has me feeling very calm and creative - a good place to be since my kids are still on the anti-sleeping kick!


  1. I just charged my camera so I'll take a photo of the wedding quilt tomorrow!!

  2. You make quilting look sexy, you minx.