Monday, March 08, 2010

I Quilt Therefore, I Am.

Update: To see the complete process for this quilt, check out:

Part 2 - piecing
Part 3 - quilting

I go through periods of intense sadness about Max. It isn't that I feel sorry for myself, but every once in a while, Autism knocks me on my ass. I wish I was stronger, and I feel terribly guilty that my friends and family have to put up with me during these times. So I tend to turtle, try to work through the feelings, and come out on the other side a happier me. When I don't want to over think things (especially if I can't actually "fix" the problem), I bury myself in a project (like a bedroom makeover). This time the project I chose was quilting.

My mom bought me the fabric for this quilt years ago (before I had kids). The quilt is based around the colours in this butterfly fabric. The problem is that I like the fabric so much I have been afraid to cut into it. It seems a waste to not use it though, so I decided what the heck, might as well go for it!The pattern I chose to tackle is called "Crazy Quilt". It seems appropriate given my circumstances. Plus, one of my favourite people in the universe tells me I'm crazy every time we talk (which truth me told, stings a bit), but maybe it's an accurate assessment. I like to think that given what I'm dealing with, I'm the sanest person I know.What I dig about this pattern is that while you are quilting it, everything seems off kilter. You just have to trust that it will turn out okay. In the end what you get is this neat effect of uneven shapes that somehow fit into a perfect square.I enjoy the process of sewing the smaller pieces of fabric together, ironing them flat, pinning them and then repeating the process again and again. I don't have to think, it's relaxing, allows me the time to sit with my feelings, and in the end I have something to show for it.The main blocks are now complete. I still need to sew the smaller border blocks, and then sew the top together, but I put all the squares down on the floor to get a sense of how big it will be. The hard part of actually quilting it together will take me a while (it's a big job for sure). Anyway, that's what I've been up to the last few weeks. I think I'm okay now. Who could stay sad looking at these bright fabrics? Plus the sun is out - gotta love that!


  1. Anonymous10:44 p.m.

    That is amazing! WOW!


  2. Vanessa11:58 p.m.

    Awesome!!! It's beautiful!

    I'm so happy you have something like this that calms you and lets you sort out your thoughts with one part of your mind while the other part is focused on something repetitive yet productive. Practicing is like this for me when I actually get around to it ;)
    Sewing on the other hand turns me into a homicidal maniac, as do driving and shopping.

  3. This is the most awesome thing.

  4. I come from a long line of quilters too, its an amazing artform! Your quilt is beautiful, love the pattern and love the bright colours.

    I know exactly what you mean about needing project to get through hard times. I cross stitch, its repetitive and mindless. I also run, its gotta be the cheapest form of therapy!

    Hope your feeling better!

  5. Ooh I love it! I've wanted to learn how to do this forever, but I'm terrified of sewing machines!