Thursday, April 01, 2010

Crazy Quilt Complete.

Update: To see the complete process for this quilt, check out: 

The crazy quilt is done. It took me less than a month from the first cut to the final stitch. Yep, I know, I rock. I mean, if you can quilt and rock at the same time. I suspect Scott would say this is impossible, and Jennifer would say "hell yeah!". All I'm thinking is thank dog. Shout outs (hah! I'm acting like I'm a rapper or something) to my mom and Aunt Inger who gave me sage advice on how to tie this thing together from a colour perspective and also told me when to stop adding blocks. Good thing too, because I have a hard time knowing when to wrap it up and this thing could have gotten into acreage territory.
The part that I absolutely do not enjoy when it comes to quilting is the machine part. It's bulky and awkward and boring (see below). Plus I suck at it and I'm never quite happy with the end result. Enter my mom to save the day and sign me up for a machine quilting class at the Oakville Sewing Centre for my birthday and is also gifting me the required sewing machine attachments I'll need. I am guessing if I get better at it I might enjoy it more. Or maybe I just need a bigger bottle of wine. Or maybe THAT'S the problem...hmmm...
After I got sick of machine quilting, I hand quilted around the centre squares. It didn't take as long as I thought I would, because, I was thinking it was going to take FOREVER.
One of my favourite things about this quilt is the backing. I picked a super bright and cheery orange flower flannel. It made quilting this beast tolerable because you can't stay grumpy for long looking at this beautiful fabric. I have a feeling I will end up using it again some time. I wonder if it comes in lime green?? I used a combination of all of the orange fabrics for the binding which ties it all together really well.
I ended up staying up until 1am to finish sewing on the binding. Scott found me like this in the morning (notice the new haircut).
My best work yet for sure. Now onto the jelly roll quilt (which I finished basting last night). I'm going to quilt it by hand because I don't want to do anymore machine quilting until I take that class next month!


  1. Anonymous6:09 p.m.

    Gorgeous! And the quilt is too!

  2. oh my what a thing of beauty! Good for you Katrina, super woman.