Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Beats 2010.

Happy Easter folks, for whatever it means to you. For many it is a day to go to church, be religious, etc. For us it is about the chocolate and musical instruments (as you'll recall from last year).It was a productive day. Max helped me make Apple Crisp for dinner at Nana and Bumpa's tonight. This is the first time he has shown any interest in my baking, so I really enjoyed having his help. He was mostly just curious as to why I was peeling and cutting up so many darn apples.
He figured I didn't actually need all 10 cups that I had prepped for the recipe. Good thing he's cute - his dad gets in a lot of trouble for munching on my ingredients while I cook.
Cam was not sure what to make of her limited chocolate Easter basket. I think she's looking for the big chocolate bunny she saw on display at the Nutty Chocolatier. Sorry kid, no such luck.
We dolled her up in a dress for Sunday dinner. Do not let this picture fool you, she threw a king hell tantrum when I wrestled her into those tights. She looks cute now, but I needed a glass of wine after I finally got her into this outfit. Kid can scream and squirm with the best of them. Yay for almost 2 year olds!

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  1. Anonymous11:32 p.m.

    Look at how tall that boy is! Wow, when did that happen?!