Monday, April 12, 2010

Mental Health Monday: The Tale of the Tike's Trike.

Depending on when you started reading, you may or may not know the story about our birthdays. Long story short, they are all squished into a one week span. That's a whole lot of celebrating to do in a small window of time, so we like to spread it out over a few weeks so it isn't so overwhelming. This weekend Cam got her first birthday present of the season, her very own (brand spanking new) pink trike. But we forgot to get her a helmet, so before she got to ride her trike outside, we had to go to the bike shop to get her something to protect her wee noggin.

She didn't want the one she's wearing in these pictures. Of course she didn't. She wanted to paisley one that only comes in adult sizes. Awesome over the top tantrum ensued, with me looking nonplussed and the employees of the bike shop looking impressed (and perhaps a bit concerned) with her vocal prowess. We somehow managed to pry her chubby little fingers from the paisley helmet and carry out of the shop all the while serenaded with her shrieking "my hat, myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy HAT!!!" over and over again. So much fun.

When we got her home she wanted nothing to do with her new helmet. She looked at it scornfully, yelling "noooooooooooooooooooo" every time I suggested she try it on. I finally won her over with the promise of a ride on her trike around the block.
She seemed like a natural. Feet on the pedals, all smiles. And then suddenly, not so much. One third of the way around the block she decided she was done with the whole pedaling business. So off she got. And she started walking home, abandoning her much loved trike on the sidewalk for me to deal with. Oh yes, she was mighty pleased with herself. I dare say she thought this was hilarious.

When I finally caught up with her and told our neighbour Irene what Cameron had done, she denied the whole thing, claiming she got a flat tire and was merely going for help. Nice.

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