Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Glamorous Life.

This is me on a better day. I don't look like this today. Not even close. The only reason I bathed today was because I was open to the possibility that one of my kids might join me in the tub. Max, who is super sick and only stops coughing when he is in the bath, decided to go for dip #3 of the day while I was washing my hair. I'm just happy he didn't pee this time. I say "this time" because yesterday, yesterday he peed. In my bath water. Yes, I know, tremendous.I took this picture with my BlackBerry this morning. Crap quality. We bberry users are in fact second class citizens in the world of smart phones. iPhone users have the good cameras, wicked apps, and coolness factor that we bberry users merely long for. But at least my phone isn't covered with fingerprints, so, I have that. Anyway, you can tell Max is really ill because he is actually looking to Cameron for comfort. She was completely taken aback and thought he was up to no good when he rested his big noggin on her legs. I had to explain to her that "no, Max isn't going in for the kill, he is sick, so be nice". She looked sceptical and I don't blame her given his track record.For the record, in case you haven't figured it out, my life is not glamorous. It isn't. Cameron on the other hand, she's got it going on. Glamour+++.

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