Monday, March 15, 2010

Mental Health Monday: Spring Forward?

Turns out I'm still in the dumps (which is fantastic for my quilting project, but sucks for my blog). The whole raining for days on end business doesn't help either. And this daylight savings time baloney? Thumbs down. My kids were totally not okay with it either. I'm thinking of moving to a place that doesn't recognize it. Or maybe I'll just refuse to change the clocks next year (I'll be late for everything, but really that is the norm anyway so who am I kidding?).

More on the quilt later (today maybe!). It's coming along swimmingly. Now if I could just get my ass in gear and get happy.


  1. It's been a tough couple of weeks for a lot of people. Between the time change and getting the bad news about Ronan it's been a total bummer of a week around here. The good news is that the weather is set to make a dramatic turnaround which bodes well for improving moods! I'm forcing myself to make outdoor plans for the week in hopes of cheering myself up.

  2. Yeah - we've had lots of rain too. Add that and the time change to recently transitioning from a crib to a big girl bed and you've got a picture of my universe. Sigh....

  3. Stephanie - I don't think the ground can take any more water! I went out yesterday with Max and my pink wellies sunk 2 inches in the ground.

    VW - We are going to set up a toddler bed (c/o Stephanie) in Cam's room to warm her up to the idea of a big girl bed. I'm not ready for her to be "free" though.