Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Road Trip: Day One (of Finding My Way Back to Me).

Depending on how often you read my blog, or how well you know me, you may have figured out how down I've been lately. I started to really worry when I came to the realization that overall, things are getting better, but I'm feeling worse. I went to the doctor to see if he could help me out, figuring maybe my vitamin B was low, or he could prescribe something to help me get some sleep. I pulled myself together, did my hair, makeup, made myself look good, or so I thought...he listened to what I had to say, and told me I looked exhausted. That I was suffering from complete burn out. That I was treating Max's Autism like it was a sprint, not a marathon, and that I had been doing that for two years, ever since we suspected something was up with Max. He also said that while I thought I was being selfless by trying to take responsibility for directing all of Max's therapy myself, I was being incredibly selfish and making a tactical error. I hadn't thought of it that way, but he is right. If I crack, and let myself get to the point of a breakdown, that doesn't help anyone, especially not my family.

So, Scott and I had a heart-to-heart, he took a week off work to watch the kids, and I hit the road, hoping to rest and get some time to remember what makes me happy, external to my family. I did some research on quilting stores, loosely mapped out a plan (give or take where the wind blows me) and pointed my car south.

First stop: a small quilting store in Jackson, Michigan named Regalitos Quilting. They are currently getting a new site up. The owner Cindie specializes in long arm quilting and she even demonstrated how it works for me! She is a total sweetheart, and it was nice to talk with an experienced quilter (my people!).
I spotted this beautiful Christmas tree skirt laid out on the table, and commented on how much I liked it. It turns out Cindie had a kit made up, so you guessed it, I couldn't leave it there. And yes, I know that it is May and Christmas is 7 months away. But maybe that's a good sign...I used to love Christmas, and the past few years, I haven't been into it at all.This beautiful quilt on display (which Cindie made) is on sale for $600. Just so you know, that barely covers the cost of the fabric! This is why you quilt for love and not money.After visiting with Cindie, I stumbled upon a Mexican restaurant named Los Tres Amigos (careful - the site has music). The waitress twisted my arm and made me order a margarita. She even ID'd me (bless her heart). I ordered the burrito/enchilada combo, read the latest Vanity Fair magazine, all the while being serenaded by JLo in Spanish. Awesome.I closed the day out by going to Target (they sell wine there!!), then checked into the hotel. When I turned the tv on, an episode of The Gilmore Girls was playing (so perfect). Bath, pjs, 24 finale, quilting, Glee, Parenthood, and of course blogging. Tomorrow? Chicago!


  1. Sounds perfect. And well-deserved. I love what the doctor said about a sprint vs. marathon. You are amazing and it's no wonder you are exhausted. I get tired just reading about your life, I can't imagine having the strength to live it. I hope your time away gives you some much needed "you" time. Sending you hugs wherever you are :)

  2. Very happy to hear you are taking some "me" time! GREAT idea Kat! Enjoy! :)

  3. Kat! I'm teaching in Chicago tomorrow. What time are you going to be there? Can we PLEASE get together?????

  4. Caroline12:39 a.m.

    I, too, like what your doc said about the sprint v the marathon. As a fellow control freak, I recognise this, and one of the things I've learned over my (many more than yours) years is that if you move over and make a little room, surprising people move in to occupy some of that space in surprising ways. So, just so you know, the "many more years" comment isn't me pulling rank, it's more me encouraging you to take this opportunity to learn this new (and difficult) skill at an earlier age than I did (still learning, if I tell the truth) And, of course, I'm delighted to read of your excellent first day. Hope you have 6 more, and in different ways. <3 :-D

  5. Anonymous8:16 a.m.

    Makes complete sense to me to buy the Christmas tree skirt now -- gives you time to make it and spend time anticipating a happy event while working towards a fixed goal.

    So glad you're taking this trip!