Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Think They Missed Me.

The kids are happy I'm home. Max woke me up by climbing into bed with us this morning, giving me a big hug, pressing his cheek against mine. He sat between us beaming, as if to say "yay, my peeps are all here!". When I got Cam up this morning, she greeted me with a HUGE smile and said "MOMMY!" as she put her hands up in the air (her signal that she would like to be picked up). It's good to know that they were okay without me, because going away was really good for me. But it's nice that they missed me too.

Max and I went to Ikea and West Elm this afternoon. He's a good little shopper:When we got back, Cam showed off her mad swinging skillz - apparently while I was gone she learned how to fly:Scott and I had a nice relaxing dinner after the munchkins went to bed. I feel much more like myself. I think this solo road trip thing is something I should do again some time.

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