Monday, May 10, 2010

Mental Health Monday: Mother's Day Reloaded.

Mother's Day began early for me (5:30am to be exact), with Max climbing on top of me in bed and announcing "all done sleep - pancakes". In 4 short words, he summed up what it is to be a mom. No card could express it better. And so I did what any mom would do, Mother's Day or not, and I got up. We made pancakes. At 5:30am. He was super happy about it (from what I recall in my bleary eyed/pre-coffee state. Honestly, I look forward to the day when someone brings me pancakes in bed, but for now, I'll take hearing Max's first 4 word sentence and be happy with that.

I felt a little blah about the whole day. I wanted something, but couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. Some of my friends got a day off from being a mom for Mother's Day. Some did the family brunch thing. Assorted well-trained husbands bought flowers and coached their kids in picking out a gift for their mom. I opted to go and buy myself bookshelves for my quilting supplies and to take time to install them. I think all I truly wanted was to be told I'm a super awesome mom, the best mom in the whole wide world, and I'm loved more than tall, tall buildings. My kids don't have the vocabulary for that, but I'm pretty sure if they could say that they would have.

Some pics of my best mom moments in no particular order:


  1. Hey Katrina!

    Great to meet you at the quilting class. Your blog is fantastic ... you ARE a busy Mom! Hope you post a picture of Cameron's bird pillow. Will you quilt the top???



  2. Hi Jill!

    I am thinking I will quilt it and make it into a tiny quilt for her dolly. I will post pics for sure :-)

    all the best,