Friday, May 22, 2009

Look Into My Crystal Ball.

I went and saw a psychic on my lunch today. That's right - while you were eating a subpar big mac and slurping on a diet coke, I delved into my future with the marvelous Suzanne. While I'm not completely comfortable divulging everything she told me (because some of it is about other people), I will share a few gold nuggets with you. I was completely blown away by Suzanne's reading. The things I mention here are really just scratching the surface of what she told me. As usual, she told me more about the people in my life than she did about me. I think this is because I am more focused on others than myself. I was hoping to get more specific information about me, but no such luck.

Apparently I'm going to have one more baby. A boy. Note to self…encourage Scott to go get that vasectomy. Big things are coming for me career wise. I am my family's rock, their stability. This will remain true for the next 2 - 3 years.


Max is incredibly smart - a genius, and is only able to express 15% of what is going on in his brain, which is extremely frustrating for him. While he has a diagnosis of Autism now, this will not be true in the future. He will get to a point where he will tell people that he was considered Autistic as a child, and they will not believe him. He is going to have dark hair when he grows up. He is going to be an engineer or an architect, and will be brilliant at transferring his thoughts onto paper in the form of designs. The issues with his gross motor skills will resolve themselves.


Cameron is developmentally normal, and will work really hard at school and is very smart. She will be good at going with the flow when it comes to Max. She has some issues with eating and not swallowing her food, but it isn't a big problem, so don't worry about it.

Scott is more stressed out about Max's future than I am. Scott has stomach problems due to his stress. Scott is going to travel in June, and something big is coming for him that will cause positive change (big change!) by June 2010. Somehow the east coast and the ocean will come into play.

Have you ever been to a psychic? Do you think they are complete hogwash? Do you want Suzanne's phone number??


  1. i'm really interested in seeing a psychic...was it expensive? how did you find her?

  2. It's $70 for a 45 minute reading. My boss first introduced me to her a few years ago.

  3. i'd like suzanne's numer, kat! i went to see one a few years ago, and i thought she was completely ridiculous. i also visit the turkish woman at the CNE every year for shits & giggles, and she always starts with the same phrase : "ven yu vas born..."

  4. I haven't done the psychic thing in ages. I have a deck of destiny cards that I used "religiously" last summer but haven't consulted in a while.

  5. could you please provide suzzane's phone #. Please email me at

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