Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TMI Tuesday: Making It Weird.

I am an expert at making "it" weird. What is "it", you ask? "It" can be anything, really - like calling something like I see it, or saying what's on my mind, (even it is unpopular or makes for the other person feeling awkward). Example - MY GOODNESS! NOBODY TOLD ME HOW STRONG A WOMAN'S SEX DRIVE GETS IN HER MID THIRTIES!!! See…weird, right? It is also a high level of comfort in having the tough conversations that many people prefer to avoid. It is going there, instead of just inferring something. Getting into gory specifics instead of glossing over the icky stuff with euphemisms.

Scott is not always a fan of my candor. I probably hear "just don't make it weird" from him a few times a month. He underestimates me. I can have tact in situations that require it. For instance, if we have a relationship where I need you more than you need me, (like my doctor, for instance), I will be oh-so-careful. But my old friend from college? I will think nothing of giving you a hard time for sleeping with THAT girl, way back when. And if I'm unhappy with something, you can bet your ass I'll tell you. Example - after spending 2 hours in the Bell Mobility store to get my BlackBerry fixed, I told the guy who was "helping" me that if he didn't hurry up and finish getting me my new BlackBerry, I was officially going to lose my mind, and that wouldn't be a pretty sight. My making it weird worked like a charm. My only regret was not going there right off the bat.

I like to think that my making it weird is a good thing. I try to have a sense of humour in life. Walk a day in my shoes and you'll see that being able to laugh at the crazy sh!t I deal with is a requirement, not an option. I try to be transparent , honest, and to the point. Sometimes life is ugly, awkward, and you got it, weird. Why pretend? Why pussy foot around so we can all think the same thing but not have the guts to say it out loud? Make it weird! Go there! Call it like you see it! Lay it on the line! Once you start, you won't want to go back.


  1. Anonymous7:24 p.m.

    Think this can be traced to the dead budgie of your childhood? I think this does run through the Danish side of your family.


  2. I totally agree...the Danes have no problem for making it weird.